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6 Cleaning Tips to Save You Time and Effort

From daily resets to quick wins to keep things neat and tidy, our cleaning expert reveals her top 6 cleaning tips to give you more time to yourself.  

For those that have made it their New Year’s resolution to keep things more spick and span at home, here’s the cleaning tips that will make it a breeze. 

1. Clean by a schedule

Creating a weekly cleaning schedule will really help you to keep on top of things. Split the home up and focus on one area or room per day to keep it looking nice. If you don’t have as much time to devote to cleaning, choose a Saturday or Sunday and spend 2-3 hours running through your home from top to bottom; or choose the upstairs one week and then focus on downstairs the next, but be sure to clean your bathroom/s at least once a week. 

2. Tidy as you go

Whether you’re chilling in the house, cooking up a storm in the kitchen or entertaining friends, try and keep things fairly tidy as you go along so that it’s not an overwhelming job at the end. 

3. Clean to music

Not everyone loves to clean so doing it to music has much the same effect as exercising to music, it really helps to get you in the mood and forget about the task in hand! 

4. Make the beds

Spend 5 to 10 minutes making the bed in your home every morning - and definitely encourage your children to help by doing their own. Just this one simple task each morning really sets you in a positive mindset for the rest of day making you much more productive in all areas of your life. 

5. Late night reset

Resetting the cushions and throws before heading to bed may seem like an unnecessary task but it gives you a clear and clutter-free mind before going to sleep. Similarly, putting any dishes or cups in the sink or loading the dishwasher and putting it on, or tidying toys away all contribute to a more settled mind before bed. 

6. Laundry rota

Washing can start to build up quickly especially if you have children, and there is nothing worse than being faced with overflowing baskets and not having time to do it. If you live in a bigger household, then try and pop a load on every day. Sorting and putting away one load of dry laundry takes just 20 minutes, rather than an all day slog if you put it off day after day. For smaller households, choose a specific day of the week to do your laundry and stick to it.

Love these cleaning tips? We've got some great advice on how to carry out a deep clean at home whether it's at the start of the year or just to have a proper reset. Check out our New Year Cleaning Guide.

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