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Curated Collection: Muted Monochrome

Enjoy the subtle and calming effects of muted monochrome in your bathroom. In this collection, we blend the sophistication of black and anthracite with clean and minimalist white for the perfect bathroom aesthetic.

Finding the right blend of colours in your bathroom is important to ensure it’s a sanctuary you can enjoy day after day. If the colours or style is off, you’ll never feel at ease as you’ll always be wondering how you can fix or change it! 

Choosing muted or neutral colours is certainly one way to go to help you create a harmonious environment that you can build on with colourful accessories or warmer materials like wood if you wish.

Black bathrooms have been a popular aesthetic for years and in this curated collection we’re choosing this colour as a base and showing you how to level up your décor with different shades, tones and tints to complement. 

Blending black with a lighter palette of pale grey and anthracite helps to provide definition, while giving your space an understated glamour and a tranquillity you’ll desire all the time. 

We’ve taken items from our spring sale and created a collection you’ll love just as much as the savings! From black taps and black shower heads to black and anthracite heated towel rails, there's plenty of choice in our sale to create a wonderful monochrome bathroom. 



You can be sure this choice of aesthetic will evoke a serene and calm mood, however, it’s easy to indulge in a more bold and dramatic style if you feel the desire to! 

Be mindful of balancing darker shades with lighter components. For furniture, choose a darker frame or unit and balance it with a white basin. Finish the look with matt black taps for a cohesive look. Keep sanitaryware like your bath or toilet in white and offset this with black or grey accessories. Soft furnishings can match a more muted colour scheme or add a pop of colour for those brighter summer months. You can also liven up the space when you wish with floral or botanical prints and plant life. 

Whether it's a sleek, modern look with shades of grey or a cosy, inviting space with warm neutrals, monochrome interiors offer endless possibilities for creating a stylish bathroom. 

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