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5 Ways to Upgrade your Shower Experience at Home

Who knew showering could be so much more? Take a look at these 5 ways to upgrade your shower experience - we promise you’ll never look back! 

The benefits of showering are plenty, from reduced anxiety and improved skin and hair condition to saving water and precious pounds on your energy bills. But, what if the humble shower could be so much more? With a few simple shower upgrades, it’s easy to achieve the perfect shower experience - and here’s how to do it. 

1. Replace your shower head

Your choice of shower head can make a huge difference to your shower experience. And it’s really simple and cost-effective to replace your existing one. 

Our selection of shower heads screw on to your current fixed or handset systems, so they're super easy to install and come in a variety of styles and functions giving you total control over the way your water is projected - and at a great range of prices to suit all budgets. 

From rainfall showers that drench your senses from above to powerful flow adapting handsets, there’s plenty to get excited about. Choose from brushed brass, chrome, white or matte black finishes to suit any aesthetic. 

2. Smarten up with a digital shower

Have we reached the peak of the digital age - or merely just the beginning? A question you might ponder during a fuss-free and relaxing shower as technology continues to make our lives easier - including in the shower. 

This shower upgrade gives you total control over the water temperature and flow rate and enables you to find the perfect settings before you ‘jump in’. That means no more cowering in the corner while the water runs from cold to warm! When you’re ready to get in, so is your shower. 

Digital showers also come with a load of functional features, too. From being able to store and remember your perfect temperature to maximum temperature settings for safety and comfort and even LED light indicators to keep you in the know. 

3. Create luxe appeal with shower controls 

Gone are the days when your shower was operated by clunky plastic dials and levers. These days, your controls provide a stylish addition to your shower enclosure, bath or wetroom. While obviously a necessary part of the shower’s function, these controls can both match your shower and bathroom or provide a nod to your overall design style. 

In fact, whether you decide to go for a concealed or exposed shower valve can make a massive impact. A concealed valve provides a streamlined look to your shower for a beautiful modern space. These can work great in smaller shower rooms, wetrooms or en suite enclosures, and are perfect if you love minimalist interiors. 

On the flip side, we offer a fantastic range of exposed valve showers with both a contemporary and traditional look. These are a lot easier to install as they fit onto the shower wall.

A tip: buying complete shower kits can be more cost effective than buying all the parts separately - and guarantees you that luxe look. The kits include: a matching shower head, valve and handset, as well as other neat features depending on your choice - which are endless! 

Not sure which shower valve is best for you? Have a read of our handy buying guide: Concealed or Exposed Shower Valves.

4. Ready, jet, go 

There’s a shower and then there’s feeling like you’ve stepped into a spa every morning! If you’re serious about upping your shower game then investing in body jets could be the way forward! 

We offer individual brass body jets that are finished in a beautiful chrome, but would always recommend four or six for the best experience. These massaging jets can be fixed directly to the wall of your shower and can be directed where you wish, providing an unbeatable massaging spray every time you shower. Now that’s one way to wake up every morning! 

We also provide complete shower kits that have body jets included. Take a look at these below: 

5. Electric showers 

Electric showers have soared in popularity because they offer a powerful shower experience, while being eco-friendly and energy saving all at the same time. And as we all stand up and make changes to help the environment, electric showers could become the go-to for bathrooms across the country. 

And if you thought an eclectic shower was ugly, think again. We are now seeing a much greater choice in design of these showers making them look so much more appealing than before. 

Our range includes stylish black and chrome finish electric showers and are all equipped with easy clean shower heads so you're less likely to have to deal with things like limescale. Bonus! 

Made the choice to own an electric shower? Read our guide on how to install an electric shower before you do anything. 

Coming soon…. Bathroom Wall Panels

So, there we have it. Lots of choice to help you upgrade your shower and at a snip of the cost you first thought, we’re sure. Just before you go, though, we’re so excited to announce that very soon we’ll be offering bathroom wall panels at Drench. These stylish, decorative panels will transform your bathroom and shower experience for life! Check back soon! 

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