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Our Favourite Electric Showers

This week we share with our lucky readers a small selection of our favourite electric showers. Electric showers are becoming more and more popular with DIY bathroom renovators nowadays, thanks to their overall great value, functionality and energy efficiency. 

Electric toothbrushes, electric cars – it’s no surprise that electric showers are becoming the future.


What Are Electric Showers?

In the past, some have regarded electric showers as being a cheap and not so elegant home bathroom washing option. Though however valid those views were some decades ago, they are certainly outdated now, as you will see from the eclectic electric showers featured right here on Drench’s array of beautiful products.

Electric showers can be regarded as self-contained shower units featuring heating and pumping within the design. This means that an electric shower requires only a cold water supply and that it can supply your family with the perfect temperature water whenever required. 

That’s right – no more long waits for the boiler to pick up the slack and no shivering in those dreaded winter mornings. For many, including the Drench team, the convenience of the electric shower far outweighs any qualms regarding classiness.

Electric showers result in lesser gas bills, too. So, for those concerned by expenditure, which we should all be in this day and age, the highly energy efficient electric shower may be the right choice for you. No boiler, no problems. Just a self-contained electric shower ready to dish out affordable, pleasant showers as and when.

The electric shower head is also a super easy-to-clean system, which reduces the limescale build up that can become a real plague with some traditional shower systems. Clean, modern, efficient – that’s the electric shower in a nutshell.


How Electric Showers Work

You can think of your new electric shower the same way as you think of your kitchen kettle. When activated, cold water is taken into the shower unit and heated very quickly. Then, via a thermostatic shower valve, the stream of water is fed out of the shower head at the temperature specified. 

Electric showers also put an end to the dreaded lapse in temperature when somewhere else in the house activates a tap or flushes a toilet. 


Vado: Visually Riveting Electric Showers

When it comes to selecting the best electric showers there are many shower kits to choose from, as you will see when browsing our store. But it would be a disservice to discuss electric showers without a nod to one of the very best in the business. 

Vado are on the tip of the Drench team’s tongue whenever we’re asked to recommend the most stylish and functional electric showers out there. And so, to kickstart your electric shower browsing, we have simply selected three of the best by Vado for you to enjoy.


Vado All Chrome Electric Shower Kit

Well, what a place to start. Vado know just what to do when it comes to electric shower kits, as you will find out.

For every kW increase, you can expect a 12.5% increase in flow. So while the 8.5kW model is more than enough, those with larger showers or lovers of high pressure washes may opt for the larger model. 

The design of the shower box is elegant and slick, featuring two chrome tones with clear dials and tactile buttons. And you get a lot of kit for your money, this featuring sliding shower rail, anti-kink hose and easy-clean, five-pattern shower head. Vado care about more than looks, too, kitting out this electric shower with phased shutdown to reduce limescale build-up.

Vado set the standard when it comes to electric showers, and you are looking right at it. Featuring an A+ energy efficiency rating and reassuring 2 year manufacturer guarantee, this is a fantastic place to start your electric shower search.

Rock Down to Electric Avenue

As you know, that was just the tip of the electric shower iceberg. We have many more samples available by Vado and by others, so head over to our full range of electric showers and see what catches your eye.


Here to Help

Our friendly support team are always on hand and ready to help you with your home bathroom query. So whether you have a question regarding the fantastic Vado electric showers shared above, the world of electric showers in general, or anything to do with anything else in the world of home bathrooms, do not hesitate to reach out. 

You can get in touch with us right here – no call is too small, no query too large! 

Your Leading Fountain of Bathroom Knowledge

As always, make sure you regularly check up on the Drench blog to stay up to date on the latest home bathroom news and developments, and sign up to our newsletter for exclusive offers, competitions, design ideas and much more!

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