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Complete Shower Kits

Choosing a complete shower set is easy and often saves you more money than choosing each part separately. Rather than individually purchasing a shower head, valve, shower rail etc. you’ll be purchasing a number of items bundled together in a convenient manner and at a lower price. At Drench there are a number of different shower sets available, such as: bath shower sets, exposed shower sets, exposed shower sets, concealed shower sets, tower showers and we even offer the best electric showers on the market. Many of our shower sets are feature rich and some even boast benefits such as LED display, easy clean nozzles and digital controls.

With plenty of traditional and modern shower sets to choose from, we assure you that there will be a shower set here which corresponds with your personal tastes and preferences.

With so many shower sets to choose from you may be overwhelmed with where to start. Well, due to our refine feature on the left hand side of the page you can begin to narrow down your search based on aspects such water pressure, finish, width, height, price etc.

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