Understanding and Using Industrial Bathroom Design

Welcome back to the Drench blog, where this week we take a look at one of the newest and most exciting styles of contemporary bathroom design: the industrial bathroom aesthetic.

This wonderful approach emanated in New York in the 1950s and swiftly made its way to the home kitchen – now industrial design has found a new base for inspiration in the home bathroom. And not a second too late, we at Drench believe!

In this article we shall first delve into the various elements for which industrial bathroom design is known, then share some of our favourite industrial bathroom pieces that you can find right here in our expansive online store.

So, what elements may constitute an industrial bathroom?


The Basics of Industrial Bathroom Design

Of course when dealing with stylistic approaches like industrial design, there is no clear-cut definition. Such is the joy in the freedom of interior design! However, there are a few key elements for which industrial bathroom design has become regarded.

One key factor is the use of exposed pipework of chrome, or perhaps brass, copper or steel – as well as additional metallic finishes that look somewhat dulled or brushed. This metalwork in combination with a significant proportion of wood – which may be genuinely old or intentionally tarnished – provide the crux of what we personally reckon industrial bathroom design to be all about. And boy, does it look grand!

You will often also discover a contrasting presentation of dark and light – perhaps of white wood and black tiling, of gleaming chrome and darkened wood. And each of these monochromatic extremes will be drawn together by the use of concrete grey, be it across stripped walls or an intentionally raw floor.

Here's a collection of our favourite Pinterest finds:


The term of “soft industrial” touches upon the fact that an out-and-out industrial bathroom may not be welcoming enough for your average family home. After all, how industrial do you want to go? Some of the exposed brick, limestone and roughed surfaces out there are likely to be too extreme – you certainly do not want your children suffering from splinters due to the authenticity of your hand-sourced wood countertop.

Within the typical soft industrial bathroom you may discover freestanding tin bath tubs, tall vertical designer radiators, minimal glass shower frames, and taps with brilliant brass or dulled steel finishes.

Many of the items we are about to share can be considered soft industrial, meaning that they draw upon some of the key industrial elements whilst still contributing to a dependable, safe and hygienic bathing experience. Sounds promising, right?

Of course, the industrial design concept is always evolving. We could not possibly share every industrial bathroom unit that we have in stock so instead we have gleaned a few of our most popular iconic industrial bathroom units for your viewing pleasure.

Now, let’s see what fits the bill…


Industrial Vanity Units & Basins

The vanity unit is one of the key elements when creating a well-rounded bathroom aesthetic of any kind – especially an industrial look. After all, this is where you will spend your time surveying the rest of the bathroom as you brush your teeth and so forth, either looking around or through the mirror that will presumably be fitted above the vanity unit. And so, the vanity unit provides a natural central point for your industrial bathroom style.

We have selected for your inspection the iconic Harbour Substance 600mm 1 Drawer Wall Mounted Vanity Unit & Black Basin in Concrete Effect, a vanity unit that truly emblematises the soft industrial bathroom look we just described.

This beautiful unit by Harbour combines wood and metal materials and black with metal colouration, a robust wall mounted vanity unit that is compact yet loud in its industrial design.

Featuring 2 internal soft close drawers, overflow, 1 pre-drilled tap hole and aluminium wall brackets for extra security, the Harbour Substance is backed up further by a reliable 2 year manufacturer guarantee.

Industrial Taps

Conjuring images of waterworks, city grids and much more, taps are a wonderful area to maximise that industrial bathroom aesthetic.

If you are looking for the perfect tap to fit your Harbour Substance vanity unit then consider this Crosswater MPRO Basin Mixer Tap with Knurled Detailing in Brushed Stainless Steel.

This slickly designed, WRAS approved, ceramic disc-equipped tap needs no more than 0.5 bar of pressure to provide you with its powerful water flow, controlled effortlessly and enjoyably using the tap’s intricately knurled handle. If your industrial bathroom style is calling out for a stainless steel tap then this is the one for you.

Crosswater do not just do mixer taps, as you can see in their MPRO Floorstanding Bath and Shower Mixer Tap in Brushed Stainless Steel.

This ultra modern bath and shower tap extends proudly from the floor of your bathroom and makes a real statement. Crosswater have pulled out all the stops here, kitting this tap out with anti-drip ceramic disc technology just like their mixer taps. Oh, and both come with a bulletproof 15 year manufacturer guarantee.

Industrial Baths

The bath tub is another focal point of any bathroom – and in industrial bathroom aesthetics, the bath has a especial chance to stand out.

Feast your eyes on this BC Designs Classic Roll Top Nickel Boat Bath, available in 1500 x 700mm sizing and 1700 x 725mm dimensions. BC Designs present units dreamt up by legendary designer Barrie Cutchie and this Classic Roll Top is one of their finest pieces to date.

Totally hand crafted from copper for optimal heat retention and finished in this remarkable nickel colouration – this is one of the most gloriously soft industrial bath tubs you will come across and a true statement piece.

Each BC has its own individual undulations and characteristics due to its hand-built nature, then goes further by over time developing a patina, a subtle green or brown sheen via oxidation. For these reasons, you can be sure that no two BC Roll Tops are ever the same!


Industrial Showers

From horizontal washing to vertical cleaning, we now share with you a trio of showers from Harbour’s Status range that are perfect for accenting your industrial bathroom aesthetic.

First, the Harbour Status Matt Black Framed Easy Clean 8mm Black Glass Walk In Shower with Flipper Panel and Optional Side Panel. This darkened glass shower is an industrial designer’s dream.

Combining superb trendiness with technical mastery in the form of toughened smoked glass and Acqua Shield treatment, this slick shower is perfect for traditional shower trays and contemporary wet room designs alike – and it is backed up by a lifetime manufacturer guarantee.

However if that was not to your industrial shower inclinations, Harbour have you covered with a totally different yet equally stylish approach in their Harbour Status Matt Black Frame 10mm Easy Clean Bronze Glass Walk in Panel.

Industrial Toilets

While perhaps not as defining of an industrial bathroom as some of the units we have just covered,  an industrial bathroom toilet may be recognised as wall-mounted and understated. That is certainly the case for the pair of perches we have selected.

If you are looking for something a little more special (and a lot more industrial) then you will no doubt be blown away by the Crosswater Svelte Platinum Wall Hung Toilet & Soft Close Seat. This piece is a wonderful example of just why Crosswater are at the very pinnacle of the industrial bathroom game.

Sculpted and manufactured in Italy to individual order, the Platinum features ECO-saving flush design and a 15 year guarantee.

Industrial Heating

The look of industrial bathrooms may not always suggest cosiness so ensure that your glamorous new industrial bathroom combines its scintillating urban style with inviting warmth by enlisting the help of some of our best industrial designer bathroom radiators.

And if bare metal is a prominent feature in your industrial bathroom then you may be delighted by this Butler & Rose 3 Column Vertical Radiator in Bare Metal Lacquer (right) available in 4 sizes to suit every bathroom.

This mild steel column radiator is an absolute unit when it comes to stylish home heating. Guaranteed for a reassuring 10 years, the roughed finish of this radiator renders it quintessentially industrial and provides the perfect conclusion to our foray into the enticing world of industrial bathroom design.

In the Mood

Check out our pair of moodboards for some further industrial bathroom inspiration, with all of the items featured available right now from our online store.


Here to Help

We hope you enjoyed that exploration of industrial aesthetics as much as we did – the industrial bathroom style is one of our firm favourites here at Drench and we love suggesting the perfect items for what our customers envision.

It could not be simpler for you to tell us what you are looking for and for us to provide you with a range of options so that you can turn your dreams into an industrial reality.

Get in touch with us right here, we love to chat and cannot wait to hear from you!


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