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Designing a Period Bathroom

From vintage junk shop chic to elegant Edwardian styling, you really are spoilt for choice when it comes to designing a period bathroom. Creating that perfect look can require a lot of patience and may not happen all at once. The key to designing and maintaining the look is to let it happen over time – coordinating pieces and accessories with that perfect period feel are often difficult to find.

Intricate styling and detailed design are a great starting point when designing a period bathroom. Look for etched or bevelled furniture or bathroom fittings as a basis for the overall design.


Roll up, Roll up

Roll top baths are an amazing focal point to a new bathroom design. Having a freestanding tub really does portray a feeling of elegance within a bathroom space. If space is a constraint, try using a standard straight edged bath and pairing it with painted wooden bath panels to imitate period design.

Strip it off

As the saying goes, “If you’ve got it, flaunt it” and your bathroom is no exception. A lot of bathroom spaces have superb and long forgotten wooden floorboards hiding under the carpet that are crying out to breathe again. Black and white painted floorboards are ideal for mimicking early Victorian styles so break out the paint and give it a go.

Pedestal Basins

Traditionally sculpted pedestal basins are a must have feature for a period bathroom. Although sometimes costly, the traditional curvature and vintage design of a pedestal basin is a perfect finishing touch when creating a period space.

Don’t break tradition

It may go without saying but time after time, people fall into the same trap. When maintaining a period bathroom look, it’s incredibly important to keep things seamless. Steer clear of adding anything that looks too modern, however tempting it may be. Accessorise your bathroom with traditional fittings with modern technology and fixtures that take on vintage design such as traditional towel radiators and Victorian style taps.

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