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Types of Bathroom Mirror

Clever use of mirrors in your bathroom will create the illusion of more space than there really is, something that is pretty useful in what is quite often the smallest room in the house.

They are also rather handy for checking that you don’t have toothpaste smeared all over your face before you rush out of the door to work.


LED Mirrors

LED mirrors are a stylish and environmentally efficient addition to a bathroom. The use of small but mighty LEDs within the mirror means that you can have attractive and practical lighting without the large energy bills. Because of the inherent economy of LED lighting, you will even find some LED mirrors that are battery operated, meaning no hefty electrician’s bills to have them installed – a great retro-fit option if ever there was one.

Fluorescent Backlit Mirrors

The backlit mirror is one of the most popular mirror types. Using fluorescent lighting tubes that sit behind the mirror teamed with etched glass to allow the light through, backlit mirrors give off a subtle but sufficient light that makes it easier to shave, apply make-up or do whatever it is that requires a well-lit reflection. If the word 'fluorescent' doesn't sound particularly attractive to you, this type of fluorescent bulb is a far cry from the picture of harsh flourescent lighting you are conjuring up in your head!

fluorescent bathroom mirrors

Infinity Mirrors

Infinity Mirrors popped up a few years ago and are either a great talking point or a less-than-practical gimmick, depending on who you ask. Using angled LED lights to create the effect of a never-ending series of light, the effect is impressive and they certainly create a stylish, modern look. From a practical point of view, the reflected view is not as clear as with a more conventional mirror, so bear that in mind when thinking about one.


Shaving Socket Mirrors

A practical design for the modern day gent, a shaving socket mirror typically offers the perfect lighting option, usually LED or fluorescent, teamed with a shaving socket for easy charging or operation of an electric shaver. Despite the name, the socket is just as often used for an electric toothbrush.

Heated Demister Mirrors

We’ve all been in that situation where you’ve stepped out of your bath or shower and your mirror is instantly unusable because of a swirling cloud of steam. Demister mirrors are a practical solution to this common problem. A thin demisting heat pad is placed behind the mirror which stops steam and condensation building up.

Non-Illuminated Mirrors

Simple, elegant styles are often the choice for a minimalist or contemporary look in a bathroom. Perhaps you’d rather not have LED or fluorescent lights attached to your mirror. If this is the case, go down the cheaper route of selecting a mirror without lights. They are available in a wide array of sizes, and some have integrated shelving to the side of the mirror area.

Vanity Bathroom Mirrors

Vanity mirrors usually have some form of extendable ‘scissor’ arm that makes it easy to position exactly where required. They come in varying degrees of magnification, making them ideal for when you need a close-up view.

So there you have it – the choice of bathroom mirrors available can be overwhelming, but hopefully you can now make an informed decision about which mirror would be best for you and your bathroom. 

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