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A Corner Bath or a Back to Wall Bath: Which is Best for You?

This week on the Drench blog we soak up one of the latest home bathroom trends, that being the world of the corner bath and the back to wall bath.


What’s All The Fuss About Corner and Back to Wall Baths?

Both corner baths and back to wall baths have been around for a long time – almost as long as right angles have featured in interior wall layouts, one might say – yet were not very popular back in the days of the classic freestanding bath with feet and other such traditional bath designs.

Though as the nineties brought higher buildings, smaller apartments and ongoing urbanisation, space saving baths grew in significance to property developers and home renovators alike.

And with modern bathroom styling carving out a decidedly minimalist, sleek approach, the corner bath and back to wall bath are becoming more popular than ever in contemporary small bathrooms – as well as larger bathrooms.


So whether your apartment cries out for the most space saving bath possible or you simply want a compact soak, we’ve got you covered. You’ll also see that these bath shapes needn’t be small at all nowadays!


Mixing in Taps

You’ll see many of the corner baths and back to wall baths featured do not come with taps. Keep an eye out for our tap mixer suggestions so you can create the perfect accents for your new corner or back to wall bath.

Most baths Drench provide are undrilled for you to position your taps as you please; often, adding your own personal touch of style can make your luxurious bathroom feel all the more special.


Corner Baths

First up is the corner bath, with all its versatile space-saving offerings backed up by fresh aesthetic potential. They are one of the best baths for small bathrooms but you can put them wherever you wish, of course.

An excellent corner bath versatility is its wider rim along the two wall-adjoining bathtub edges. This makes corner baths even better space saving bath options, opening up countless deck filler options alongside space for bathroom accessories such as soap, a glass of wine and scented candles.

Corner baths come in a few options to provide bathroom renovators with great flexibility, with most offering left and right hand corner bath options. When asked which corner bath we would recommend, there’s a couple of units our expert team tend to turn to.

Back to Wall Baths

Now, if a corner bath is not the one for your bathroom renovation, perhaps a back to wall bath is the clear solution. If you are not yet certain, you surely will be following this foray into four of Drench’s very best back to wall bath beauties.

Whether modern or traditional bath designs tickle your fancy, our range of back to wall baths has it all. The versatility of the back-to wall bath is what makes it such a popular bath for modern bathrooms – with one length of the bath joining the bathroom wall it much like the corner bath, provides a functional widened rim for inventive tap positioning as well as bathroom space saving features! And of course, a place to position your rubber duckies.

First up, a cracking example of the visual potential brought forward by the back to wall bath. The Burlington Avant Garde Back to Wall Roll Top Bath with Luxury Feet incorporates so much stunning style with its lucite acrylic form as it combines all of the prestige of a contemporary freestanding tub with back to wall functionality.

The Avant Garde’s iconic claw feet come in a range of black, white and chrome finishes as well as the option to be switched out for the same three illustrious finishes in both classic and arc footed shapes.

The Julia incorporates freestanding bath looks with the best back to wall functionality. The result is a classy bathing experience with sleek high-rise sides, enhanced further by improved heat retention and accompanied by an included waste and 25 year manufacturer guarantee.

The angular presentation of the Julia speaks wonders of what is really possible with the simple shaping of a bathtub. Who would have thought baths to be one of the apexes of simplicity in high performance interactive design? Fortunately for the Drench team, such revelations come daily.

Baths for Small Bathrooms – Or Big Ones!

We hope the above selection shows you needn’t necessarily put a small bath in a small bathroom.

The real limit is your creativity, which you have now expanded even further with the brilliant brands whose products we have just featured. Don’t restrict yourself to tired traditions of what bath should go in which part of what sized bathroom!

Check out our huge range of corner baths and back to wall baths (as well as those unique specimens like the Jasmine that blur lines further) and make your bathing experience truly one of a kind!


Your Leading Fountain of Bathroom Knowledge

As always, make sure you regularly check up on the Drench blog to stay up to date on the latest home bathroom news and developments, and sign up to our newsletter for exclusive offers, competitions, design ideas and much more!

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