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Getting Your Own Bespoke Glass Shower Frame at Drench

Take a look at why those with small bathrooms fall in love with our bespoke shower glass service.

Here at Drench, we totally sympathise with the awkward bathroom space sufferers of the world, and we believe everyone should be offered equal opportunities when it comes to luxurious shower enclosures, regardless of bathroom shape or size! This is why we’re more than thrilled to offer a bespoke shower glass service.

What is Bespoke Shower Glass?

Say, for example, you have a lovely loft bedroom and en suite to work with; often these have sloping roofs, and finding a readily available shower screen that fits your sloped roof at the right angle is as easy as getting all of the kids ready to leave the house at the same time.

Hint: it’s not easy!


That’s where our bespoke shower frames come in; Drench can pull together a quote for a perfectly fitted glass shower frame tailored exactly to your bathroom needs. What’s not to love about a process that’s totally hassle free and leaves you with some utterly captivating results?

We can source pretty much any size you need, so don’t stress if you think your bathroom shape is too complicated. Chances are, it’s not.

Have you seen our article on outdoor shower ideas?

What if I Want a Specific Style of Shower Glass?

You can get your hands on the majority of shower screen styles even if you’re struggling with a more difficult space. Whether you’re after framed or frameless, Drench can get you the perfect bespoke shower glass.

It’s even possible to create bespoke matt black shower frames which are all the rage right now. Take a peek at some of our most popular designs below - your bespoke shower frame can be any of these styles so you don’t miss out on the contemporary luxury but do get to keep things practical.


How Much Does it Cost?

As with most custom designs, the price will of course vary slightly depending on the size of shower glass you’re after, alongside your preferred style and colour.

Drench offer a home measure and home installation service through a third party, Crystal Tech, which costs £200 for measure and around £400 for installation, although this is project dependant.

The best thing to do for a solid price is to get in touch with our lovely sales team, and they’d be more than happy to pull together our best quote for you.

How Do I Get My Bespoke Glass Shower Frame?

If you’re interested in our home measuring service, you can let our team know and they’d be happy to arrange this for you. Or, if you’re a fan of the ol’ DIY and fancy measuring things yourself, you can give our team the measurements required and then discuss the styling you’re after so a quote can be popped together.

If you are taking your own measurements, it is essential that these are fully accurate. Bespoke glass is non-returnable, or refundable,  please make sure these are fully correct as bespoke shower glass cannot be refunded as a result of incorrect measurements.

What if I’m Not Sure?

If you don’t quite know what you’re after yet, or you’d like to see what a bespoke glass shower frame would look like in your bathroom, you could always speak to our design experts for your free consultation. That way, you can have a lovely design made showing you what your bespoke shower frame will look like once its installed.

If you’re interested in our free 3D design service, you can find out more here.

Happy Showering!

We’re so thrilled to offer such a fantastic service and we hope you end up with the bespoke shower frame of your dreams. If you have any questions then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

If you’re here purely out of interest and would like to see our full range of standard sized shower frames, look no further.

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