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Open-Plan Bedroom-Bathrooms, Dare to Bare?

Love it or hate it, open-plan bedrooms-bathrooms have become an architectural trend. Often found at loft level, open plan bedroom-bathrooms are plunging into new depths, sinking into lower levels of the modern home. 

The ideal layout for a bachelor pad or an intimate space for a close couple, this not-for-the timid trend allows more people to comfortably use the same living space at once. Today’s generation are more comfortable with being exposed, hence this growing phenomenon. Are the days of modesty and privacy in the bathroom numbered? Here are a few things that you need to consider if you’re looking to include an open plan bedroom-bathroom into your home.


Pros and Cons

Bedroom-bathrooms offer an array of benefits as well as facilitating a practical user-friendly living space. This concept is not for everyone; the thought of one’s dearly beloved casting an eye over their every move will not appeal to all. However, this said there is the option of having the shower or bathing area housed separately in a glass enclosed space away from the main bathroom area.

The lack of dividing walls means that natural lighting can fill the room and the panoramic views can be fully appreciated. Bedroom-bathrooms are often minimalistic in design, and look best when kept tidy and uncluttered. If well-designed, the close proximity can make the bedroom-bathroom areas feel much more spacious than they actually are.


Ventilation and Moisture

If the lack of privacy isn't an issue, the next concern that many have when considering bedroom-bathrooms is the worry of excessive humidity and moisture. This can be resolved by the use of sufficient bathroom ventilation. You won't want to be opening too many windows in the depths of winter though, so you'll want to be looking at extractor fans with high humidity extraction rates.

Read more: The Importance of Good Bathroom Ventilation


Fixtures and Fittings

The appeal of bedroom-bathrooms is not only the ultra modern look, it’s the overall experience. How else would you be able to watch the TV from your bath or heat the entire room up with your fireplace?

To create a beautiful bedroom-bathroom, opt for ceramics and brassware that will complement the room’s décor. Choose bathroom furniture that offers adequate storage solutions to store all your bathroom paraphernalia.

You'll likely want minimalist walk-in showers or wet room flooring. A modern freestanding bath or traditional roll top bath is also a popular option to create a beautiful focal point.

Wall-mounted toilets create a spacious look by keeping the floor free. They are increasingly popular, and their modern feel ties in nicely with the bedroom-bathroom ideal.



Bathroom Flooring

When choosing flooring for your bathroom area, remember that it must be waterproof. If you are considering having a wet room area there are plenty of options for wet room flooring available. Despite a common misconception, wooden and laminate flooring is not a good flooring option for the bathroom because it doesn’t perform well in wet conditions.

If your bathroom area is elevated, assure that the area surrounding the bath or shower is well tanked (waterproof) to prevent any water escaping into your bedroom area.


Creating the Perfect Bedroom-Bathroom

Drench offers an extensive collection of compact and space saving furniture in a variety of materials and finishes, including a beautiful collection of tall furniture, ideal for space saving. With up to great reductions off the RRP on basins, sanitary ware, brassware and furniture you can create your very own bedroom-bathroom for less.

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