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The Importance of Good Bathroom Ventilation

Take a quick look at your bathroom. Can you spot the tell-tale signs of poor ventilation? Excessive condensation? Mould growth around the windows and on the walls? How about under the basin and bath?

Your bathroom should be a sanctuary of calm, a place to unwind and refresh; or at the very least a warm and healthy environment to cleanse and prepare for the day ahead.

It is essential that you install decent ventilation in your bathroom. This isn't a push for unnecessary sales add-ons, in fact you don’t even have to buy it from us (although don’t let me stop you), but just make sure you get it, install it, and then you can forget about it.

Don’t ruin a beautiful new bathroom by letting it become a mould-infested damp environment. If you have any kind of wood/MDF furniture, it will die a premature and painful death if it is left in a damp environment, with the veneer peeling off and water stains taking hold. Taps, shower valves and that shiny new chrome radiator you’ve just installed don’t much care for damp either.

Of course, it’s not just the fixtures and fittings that you’ve spent hundreds or thousands of pounds on that suffer. If you’re at all fond of your lungs, you owe it them to ensure your bathroom doesn’t become a home for rare varieties of mould. The spores from mould form droplets in the air, which then get inhaled into your lungs. Even the word ‘spore’ should send shivers of disgust through your bones, and send you hurrying to sort out a good bathroom fan.

I’m probably definitely getting a bit over-dramatic by now, but nonetheless this is important stuff. If you are just about to install a new bathroom, prevention is better than the cure, so make sure you talk to your bathroom fitter about proper ventilation and get him/her to price in its installation within your  quote.

If you already have a mould problem in your bathroom, it’s not too late to sort it out. The worst thing you can do is nothing at all. Even if your bathroom is old, tired and crying out for a makeover, if you aren’t planning on installing a new bathroom straight away, at least get some good ventilation sorted. You can always reuse it when you get round to the rest of the bathroom.

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