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How to Create the Perfect Country Style Bathroom

So you're not keen on the whole minimalistic trend? Stark, bare walls and angular sanitary ware isn't a look that everyone enjoys, and for that let's be thankful as individualism is the key to creating a bathroom that you'll love for years to come.

Instead why not bring the rustic charm and cosy, calming atmosphere of a country bathroom to your property? Whether you live in a beautiful countryside cottage, a small flat, or in a house in the heart of a city, the country style bathroom setting can be achieved in almost any home. Here's how...


The Freestanding / Roll Top Bath

A country style bathroom is nothing without a beautiful bath. Dating back to the 19th century, freestanding baths still remain a luxurious and highly regarded bathroom fitting, and make a great focal point for a modern country theme placed in the middle of your bathroom. If you don’t have the space for a freestanding bath, why not replace your existing bath panels with wooden ones to give your bathroom that natural country feel. Offering a sense of luxury, these beautifully sculpted baths bring a sense of Victorian style nostalgia.

Traditional Bathroom Suites

If you are looking for a complete traditional suite for your new country style bathroom there’s lots to choose from at Drench, at fantastic prices. To achieve the perfect country style look opt for a traditional style toilet accompanied by a coordinating basin or vanity unit.



Country Inspired Furniture

When it comes to bathroom furniture, opt for neutral coloured fascia finishes such as truffle, light olive, dark olive, gloss tobacco, pearlwood, driftwood, avola, elm, walnut or oak, complimented by neutral coloured decor. There’s a lot to choose from at Drench when it comes to bathroom furniture, from simple wall mounted or floorstanding vanity units, bathroom mirror cabinets, and even fully fitted bathroom furniture, there are many coordinated traditional style suites available to create your look.



Bathroom Taps

Traditional style taps are ideal for complimenting the country style bathroom. Take a look at the large range of pairs of basin taps, perfect for achieving the country look. 

Bring in Wood

All country bathrooms need a little wood to add texture and give that rustic country feel. Most solid wood flooring is not really suitable for bathrooms as the humidity can cause the material to swell, discolour and warp. Hardwood floorings such as teak and bamboo can work very well, however the recommended choice is bathroom specific laminate made with PVC as it is designed to withstand moisture.

Wooden effect furniture and accessories are ideal for creating a true country look. Instead of towelling bath mats, opt for a wooden duckboard this will introduce wood at floor level. Woven / wicker accessories such as storage drawers and laundry baskets will compliment your country bathroom theme.




Dress your bathroom with neutral toned towels and accessories, in keeping with the rest of the bathroom. If you want to add a bit of colour go for shades in pastel colours such as greens, beiges, yellows and browns so that they are not too over powering. Vintage bathroom accessories will add personality and a sense of warmth to your bathroom and give it that perfect finishing touch.

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