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Why We Always Recommend a Tall Bathroom Storage Unit

Hello out there and welcome back once more to the Drench blog, where this time around we are excited to share with you the very best in tall bathroom storage options available.


Tall to Rule them All?

Tall and slimline bathroom storage units are one of Drench’s most popular products, you may be surprised to find out. However the explanation is simple, with extra space being a key requirement when it comes to upgrading existing bathroom décors and more traditional bathroom storage units generally featuring a wide over tall design focus.

Within modern bathroom design the tall bathroom storage unit is a staple unit, enabling homeowners to create the most spacious possible appearance for their smaller bathrooms. As well as the aesthetic potential brought about by a tall bathroom storage cupboard, they of course provide greater storage space than the more compact bathroom storage units of more traditional design.

This combination of visual prowess and maximum practicality makes a tall bathroom storage unit an absolute no-brainer when it comes to updating your bathroom décor.


Floorstanding Tall Bathroom Storage Units

As you would expect, a modern design comes equipped with modern colours – and this is certainly true of our two selected floorstanding tall bathroom storage units presented here by Butler & Rose.

The first on our tall bathroom storage list is this Butler & Rose Catherine Tall Floorstanding Storage Unit in Matt Grey. Its floorstanding nature and fully closed statement design provides excellent stability and maximises storage space. This traditional tallboy features soft close doors with brushed stainless steel knobs, is supplied pre-assembled of 18mm moisture resistant E1-certified MDF, and comes with a 1 year manufacturer guarantee.

Now, if you’d like a partially revealed tallboy then check out the Butler & Rose Catherine Tall Floorstanding Storage Unit with Towel Rack in Matt Grey, which costs the same and provides every same wonderful quality yet incorporates an open top half with inventively segmented towel rack top section.

The sultry look of these flat grey floorstanding units by Butler & Rose is extremely flexible, and bound to resonate style throughout bathrooms of a range of aesthetics.

Wall Mounted Tall Bathroom Storage Units

From floorstanding units we dive into the equally slick world of wall mounted tall bathroom storage units. These are a wonderful option for smaller bathrooms as they open up additional space below their point of mounting while maximising your storage space due to their generous internals.

We kick things off with a couple variants of our most versatile tall wall mounted bathroom cupboards. First, the Emily 1 Door Tall Storage Cupboard in Hacienda Black. This delightful unit features a soft close door, 3 internal shelves and comes fully assembled.

If this delightful Hacienda finish is not to your taste, then why not try out the Emily 2 Door Tall Storage Cupboard in Natural Oak? This unit holds the same price and dimensions as our 1 door version and even the same 3 internal shelves – simply splitting its face into two doors for increased accessibility and the opportunity to include an additional contemporary chrome plated handle.

As we mentioned, versatility is one of the Emily’s key strengths, with this tall bathroom storage unit available in a range of beautiful finishes such as Gloss White, Grey Avola and Driftwood across both 1 and 2 door variants. Each of these Emily tall bathroom storage units are made in the UK from FSC-certified wood and feature a 5 year manufacturer guarantee each. Wonderful!

Now, if you are seeking some wall mounted bathroom storage that is a little more exclusive, look no further than this remarkable Crosswater Glide II Wall Hung Tower Unit.

Crosswater are known for changing up the bathroom design game and are in full form here with the Glide II, opening the eyes of designers and consumers alike by incorporating into the Glide II’s lower half a pull down lower door with convenient laundry basket, making it a perfect choice for smaller bathrooms.

This luxury wall hung bathroom storage unit also features a reversible top door, soft hinges and door function, adjustable height shelves, coming fully assembled and equipped with a 5 year manufacturer guarantee. What more could you want?

Mirrored Tall Bathroom Cabinets

If you are seeking to maximise space in the very smallest of bathrooms and this is your first time discovering mirrored tall bathroom cabinets such as these, you may well have struck gold. After all, why waste wall space on a mirror when you can place a reflective pane upon your conveniently positioned mirrored bathroom cabinet?

This Roper Rhodes Pursuit Tall Mirrored Storage Unit is a classic example of just how classy a mirrored tall bathroom cabinet can be, available in 3 delectable textured finishes of Alpine Elm, Charcoal Elm and Gloss White for just £429.99.

The Pursuit’s 1 door design enables a stunning full length mirror that stretches its entire 1.2 metre height, which in turn provides a wonderful space-boosting illusion as it welcomes in and bounces light around your bathroom space.

With seamless chrome handles, generous 3 shelved storage layout and a 2 year manufacturer guarantee, the Roper Rhodes Pursuit is an exceptional mirrored bathroom storage unit and one of the Drench team’s favourites.

To round up our review of tall bathroom storage options, we bring you the Drench Mirrored Aluminium Tall Wall Cabinet.

Not that we’re biased or anything – this unit brings the unique quality of a double-sided mirror for close inspections while rummaging through your storage space. And of course, this unit has tons of that thanks to its 146mm depth and slick 7 section internal shelving for great storage segmentation across the whole family.

With its generous proportions, 2 year manufacturer guarantee and universal grade hardness, this Drench piece continues to prove wonderfully popular with our customers – is it the perfect mirrored tall bathroom cabinet for your family?

The Full Monty

As you can imagine, this delightful selection of tall bathroom storage units is a mere glimpse into the smorgasbord of space-saving towers we have stocked in the Drench warehouse. If you’d like to check out our full range of tall bathroom storage units then you can do so right here.

Also, please do remember that our friendly customer service specialists are waiting for your call so – whether it is regarding a potential new tall bathroom cabinet or absolutely anything else in the realm of bathrooms – do not hesitate to get in touch!

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