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What Makes a Designer Extractor Fan a Necessity?

Bathroom ventilation is often over looked and forgotten about when you visualise and begin create your dream bathroom. However it shouldn’t be, the extractor fan is the hero of your bathroom, saving both your beautiful bathroom furniture from becoming infested in mould and your body from respiratory problems.

The Importance of Good Bathroom Ventilation’ certainly shouldn’t be overlooked and choosing to install a designer extractor fan will ensure that your bathroom will continue as your primary place of tranquillity.

Many people are unaware of the importance of an extractor fan and there is often a misconception that bathrooms with a big enough window do not require one. Although the need may differ depending on individual circumstances, this is still very far from the truth. In fact, there are many different bathroom extractor fan regulations which you have to abide by depending on where you choose to install your extractor fan.

Extractor fans within your bathroom require a minimum extraction rate of 54m3 per hour. This is to help prevent airborne pollutants such as odours and stale air, the effects of dampness to your property, and other potential hazards such as electrical dangers. Electricity and water can make for quite the combination, and nobody wants that. When installing your ventilation it’s important to consider the different Electrical Zones within your bathroom. All of our bathroom fans are IPX4 rated, thus making them electrically safe for use within your bathroom and suitable for installation in zone 2 & outside zones.


This makes understanding the benefits of the fan you’re potentially buying essential. You need to ensure it both meets these requirements and does more than just the bare minimum. An extractor fan which just scraps through these minimum requirements is likely to be unreliable and have problems in the long run. Unfortunately, you can’t just buy any fan and place it wherever you like and be done with it. Luckily for you however, at Drench we only stock the best of the best and all of our HIB designer bathroom extractor fans meet and exceed these requirements to extraordinary levels.


Benefits of Extractor Fans



The main consideration of any extractor fan should be its power. If your extractor fan doesn’t do a very good job at ‘extracting’, you’ve got a problem. With the standard extraction rate of many fans being 85m3 per hour, all of our HIB bathroom extractor fans boast significantly more power of either 137m3 or 210m3/hr. Both will suffice, but for bathrooms of a greater size, wet rooms or with poorer ventilation, it may be worth looking into getting one of the more powerful fans.


Noise (the lack of)

A lot of the time when people think of ventilation systems and fans, they think, noise. There’s nothing worse than a loud, inefficient, buzzing extractor fan. It’s no wonder that some bathrooms become mouldy when you see what they’re working with. If you’re looking for a silent extractor fan, you’ve come to the right place, some of these products boast only 25 decibels of sound! Which if you are unaware, is 5 decibels lower than the sound of your standard library. You’ll hardly notice it’s on, that’s the mark of a high quality extractor fan, powerful but quiet, whilst still maintaining a very low voltage.


Adjustable Humidity Sensors & Timers

Further functional benefits include a built in humidity sensor, by using a simple humidistat, these fans turn themselves on when they sense a sufficient amount of moisture, and turn themselves off after your room is clear of steam and humidity. This eliminates the need for you to manually turn your fan off and on. Which, let’s face it, we all do one or the other from time to time. Adjustable timers of between 2 and 30 minutes are also built into many of our low voltage extractor fans, ensuring that your bathroom is completely clear of any steam and condensation before turning off.



Whilst functionality is the main requirement when it comes to your wall or ceiling extractor fan, there’s no reason to why this product can’t add aesthetic appeal to your bathroom. Say no to the old clunky box with a plastic grill, instead, adorn your bathroom with a chrome extractor fan with a sleek and smooth design. After all, you are likely to be seeing this fan every time you enter your bathroom. Furthermore, by choosing one of the bathroom extractor fans with LED lighting, you can add that bit of shine and glamour to your fixtures and fittings which can change the entire look and feel of the room for the better.

If you’re looking for an extremely functional, long lasting, and fashionable extractor fan, these are the perfect products for you. Ensuring you get the best bathroom extractor fan and that you never have to even think about mould again is easy, all you have to do is begin browsing ‘here.

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