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Summer Heating Elements: Warm, Dry Towels Even in Summer

Everyone wants a warm, fluffy towel when they step out of the bath or shower. Unfortunately, turning on your central heating system in the height of summer isn’t a very economical way of going about things. So how do you keep your towels warm and dry and your fuel bills low? This is where ‘summer heating elements’ come in.


What is a ‘Summer Heating Element’?

Summer heating elements fit neatly inside your towel radiator via a T piece and are wired up to a switch just outside your bathroom. In the summer, when your central heating is off, you can simply flip the switch and on comes your radiator. You could even wire it up to a timer so it comes on automatically, perhaps ready for when you get up in the morning.

Once installed, your radiator has now become a ‘dual fuel’ radiator – just another bit of terminology that means the same thing and refers to the two types of ‘fuel’ – electricity and your normal heating system.

Electric elements for towel radiators have a thermostat in the tip which switches on and off as the towel radiator reaches temperature. A thermal fuse safety device will blow if the thermostat fails, so they are safe to install and use.

We supply a wide range of ladder rails and designer radiators, as well as the summer heating elements to go with them.

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