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Ladder Towel Rails

You would think that unique radiators are hard to come by, well, not at Drench. Our heated ladder towel rails come in many different unique and stylish shapes and designs. Each and every one of these ladder radiators really boasts its own unique appearance. For those looking to break the norms of bathroom design, this is a great place to begin, with plenty of choice from plenty of leading brands you’re practically guaranteed a luxurious, high quality towel rail. These products are available in a number of different fashionable finishes including anthracite, chrome, stainless steel and gloss white.

We understand that with so much choice and variety, this can easily become a very hard decision. Luckily enough we’ve provided you with plenty of refine features to help narrow down your search! Refine based on aspects such as height, width, material and fuel source, in order to ensure you choose the perfect ladder radiator for your style preferences!

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