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Choosing The Right Shower Enclosure For Your Bathroom

Buying a shower enclosure for your bathroom can often be a tricky task. More often than not, the vast array of different shapes, styles and sizes can leave people feeling overwhelmed and confused as to what shower enclosure would be the most suitable choice.

As we all know, each bathroom is completely different and will need a different design or style of shower enclosure to suit. Sometimes, if your bathroom design is especially tricky, you might need a custom made shower enclosure.

Here’s a quick guide to the different types of shower enclosures on the market today and what the needs they would be suited towards:


Hinged Shower Doors

Hinged shower doors allow the widest opening for any shower door option, allowing for maximum accessibility in a complete enclosure. Each door has a number of secure hinges anchored to the side of the door panel, allowing it to open outwards.

Pivot Shower Doors

Pivot doors are another design of shower door, ideal for the easiest of access. Each door has two pivot points located at the top and bottom of the shower door that allow it to swing outwards. This type of door allows a slightly smaller opening than a hinged door but a more secure and sturdy fitting for the door itself.

Sliding Shower Doors

Typically chosen as a space saving solution for much larger showers and enclosures, sliding doors are made up of several overlapping panels that gently extend to the full width of the entry space and compress to the size of one single panel when opened fully.

In-Swing Shower Doors

When space is limited, in-swing doors are a practical choice for your shower. These types of shower door swing inwards along a concealed track in a sleek and smooth action, allowing easy entry at the most minimal of effort.

Bi-Fold Shower Doors

The Bi-Fold door is perfect if you do not want the shower door opening into the shower room or it is not the correct size to do so, making it ideal for elongated or rectangular showers. The doors themselves open inwards and fold into each other ensuring the most compact of shower units. The bi-fold door can be used individually or in conjunction with inline panels for a larger shower enclosure.

Quadrant Shower Enclosures

Quadrant shower enclosures offer elegant curvature and great design without the expense of precious space. The doors to a quadrant enclosure usually slide from each side into the surround to give the largest access.

Pentagon/Pentagonal Shower Enclosures

A pentagon shower enclosure offers a 5 sided space in which to shower that can be placed in any right angled bathroom corner. Because of the design of the enclosure, it allows for a multitude of different door options such as bi-fold, in swing, pivot and hinged, whilst still saving space in your bathroom.

Walk-In Shower Enclosures

Ideal for alcove and open wet room areas, the walk-in shower enclosure offers a contemporary and stylish shower solution. Consisting of multiple angled panels without the need of a shower door

Shower Divider Panels

Designed for a more ‘open plan’ wet room space, divider panels are a sleek and simple solution for the modern shower room. The usage of the panels allows a frameless structure, providing an unobtrusive walk in space

Bath Screens

If you have a shower bath in your bathroom, a bath screen is the perfect choice for you. Available as a single fixed panel, hinged panel or a more discreet folding screen, a bath screen allows for absolute practicality without the expense of great design.

Choosing the right shower enclosure for your bathroom can be a difficult task. A lot of the time, a custom made shower enclosure may be needed, especially if you’re planning on installing one in a smaller bathroom or under a sloping ceiling. Feel free to contact our team via live chat or email if you need advice or have any product related questions.

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