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Hinged Doors

Hinged shower doors are hinged on one side, meaning the entire door opens outwards in to your bathroom. Whilst this gives you a nice wide space to get in and out of your shower, it also means you'll want to make sure you have sufficient room directly in front of where the glass door will pivot out (i.e. no basins or toilets in the way) so careful measuring is a must. Hinged doors are available in a large number of standard sizes, including 600, 700, 760, 800 and 900mm sizes, as well as some larger, more specialist doors for bigger gaps. Many will also have optional side panels in order to create a full enclosure. You'll also want to think about the thickness of the glass itself. As a rule of thumb, the thicker the glass, the sturdier (and often more expensive) the shower door will be. Some frameless hinged doors forego thicker glass due to the additional weight. Would you rather have a thicker glass door or more of a frameless, minimal look?

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