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Using Mosaic Tiles In A Bathroom

The art of mosaic has been around for as long as time can remember. The earliest known examples of mosaic art were found in Mesopotamia and were dated to the 3rd millennium BC, making it one of the longest standing forms of artistic expression and design. As an art form, mosaic consists of arranging small pieces of coloured stone, glass or other materials into images, shapes, patterns and designs.

Over time, mosaic design has become both more elaborate as well as more accessible, allowing mosaic to be adopted in many designs around the home as well as in a vast amount of contemporary architecture.


Bathroom Mosaic Patterns


The most common use for mosaic tiles within a bathroom is to create a patterned effect. Some people choose to use a small section of mosaic tiles to accent a piece within the bathroom such as a basin or vanity unit. This can look really quite effective in drawing attention to focal points within the bathroom. If you’re going for a real style statement, some people tend to mosaic entire walls or the entire bathroom.


Bathroom Mosaic Image Designs


Innovations and technological advances in the printing process have allowed for some amazing mosaic image designs. There are companies out there that will print any image you could ever dream of onto a set of bathroom tiles, be that your favourite all time art work, self-portrait (If you’re a bit vain) or giant photo of your much loved puppy. This has led to some fantastic ‘in-shower’ artwork as you can see above. It might not be for everyone but make no mistake; it can make a real style impact.


8 Bit Bathroom Mosaic Designs


For the inner geek inside us all, square mosaic bathroom tiles allow for some fantastic 8-bit type designs. For those who are unfamiliar with the term ‘8-bit’, it refers back to a time when computer systems used 8-bit processors and we started to see the emergence of early consoles in the 70’s and 80’s. Think back to those childhood favourites, from the humble ‘Pong’ to the more well-known ‘Super Mario’, we’ve all had some connection with 8 bit gaming so why not pay homage to your roots with some 8-bit mosaic bathroom designs as seen above.


Colour Changing Temperature Sensitive Mosaic Tiles


Temperature sensitive tiles are one of most stunning bathroom innovations on the market today. Colour changing dyes and other additives are integrated within glass tiles that react to changes in temperature, be that from a nearby radiator, shower spray or human touch. Colour changing tiles can be manufactured to give a variety of colours that change through various stages of temperature from freezing cold to boiling hot. They’re a fantastic way of wowing guests in your home and will be sure to give them a little shock during their morning shower.


3D Effect Bathroom Mosaic Tile Designs

3d tiles

If you’re feeling especially creative, 3D effect mosaic tile designs have an outstanding wow factor. This being said, they’re a bit of an acquired taste and may not be for everyone. The 3D effect from the tiles comes in both the way that they’re arranged, the size differences in each adjacent tile and the use of brightness and shadows to create the illusion of depth. Whilst a 3D effect tile arrangement might not be quite the right idea if you’re designing a period bathroom, the design lends itself perfectly to a lot of contemporary and quirky themes.


Mosaic Madness

mosaic madness

And finally, if you have some real confidence in mosaic tiling a bathroom, why not go the extra mile into mosaic madness territory and tile every square inch of your bathroom. If installed correctly, the effect can be absolutely mind-blowing and create the ultimate style statement. The two most important things to remember if you’re going to be tiling an entire room are that it’s both best to stick with a maximum of two coordinating colours and it’s going to take painstakingly long time to finish!

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