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How to Organise Your Bathroom Efficiently

Here, Gary Lyons, Managing Director at storage specialists Plastic Box Shop, gives us his top tips for organising your bathroom.

Your bathroom is one of the busiest rooms in the house, which means it can collect a lot of clutter from each member of the family. But, when you’ve got so many toiletries and cleaning products everywhere, how can you possibly find what you need? To help you declutter your bathroom, I’ll be giving you some of my simple organisation tips to help get everything in its place.


Organise your cupboards

Bathroom cupboards can be a magnet for clutter. If you’re finding yourself trawling through bottles and containers to find what you need each morning, it could be time to reorganise your storage space. This could be as simple as moving the things you use the most towards the front, but you might also benefit from using containers and baskets to keep items in.

Categorise each container and label them to remind yourself what’s inside. So, you could have one basket for shampoo and another for deodorants, or you could have one container for each member of your family. Just find which method works best for how you use your bathroom and stick to it.


Organise your drawers

As if bathroom cupboards weren’t messy enough, bathroom drawers can be just as bad. You can easily tidy these up using a drawer divider or some simple shallow containers and baskets. This will allow you to store all your smaller items, like tweezers and nail clippers, separately from the bigger items like toothpaste tubes and hairbrushes, meaning they’re not going to get lost under the large toiletries.


Make the most of awkward spaces

Sometimes bathrooms can have some awkward angles, especially in small rooms where space is at a premium. But, don’t let these areas go to waste, as you can easily use them for storage. You could try some lovely corner shelving, or you could add shelves over your toilet to store extra toilet rolls and towels for easy reach. Give your furniture a dual purpose by hanging towel rails to the back of doors and cupboards.


Find creative storage solutions

Sometimes, you might even find that your storage can add an extra touch of personality and style to your bathroom. Try to think of creative and pretty storage ideas, like a colourful decorative tray or bowl to store smaller items that would otherwise be spread around the sink area. You can even use these bowls to store jewellery before cleaning or showering, so they don’t get lost in the rest of your bathroom clutter.

Some more creative storage ideas include storing cotton wool in decorative jars placed on countertops or next to the sink. As an alternative to plain shelving, why not store your towels in a stylish wine rack, or store smaller toiletries and bottles, like perfume, in a spice rack.

Decluttering your bathroom can do a lot to brighten up the space and can even help to clear your mind. Just follow and maintain these easy tips, and your home can be clutter-free in no time!

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