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Fluted Bathroom Ideas

There's something super stylish and inviting about fluted decor and bringing it into your bathroom is easier than you think! Read on to find out more about the fluted features you can enjoy in your bathroom. 

Fluted bathroom products, especially fluted glass shower screens, accessories, lights and fluted bathroom vanity units are becoming increasingly popular in many modern homes. We have a great selection of fluted bathroom products here at Drench so you can incorporate this design trend throughout your space.

Fluted Shower Glass

Fluted shower glass is a popular option for contemporary bathrooms and offers a refreshing alternative to standard shower glass. We have a selection of fluted shower screens from top brands such as Harbour Contour, which will really elevate your bathroom design. Fluted glass will create a perfect focal point to your bathroom and make you feel like you're showering in a fancy hotel! 

Fluted Vanity Units

Sophisticated and stylish, fluted furniture will take your bathroom design to a whole new level. Slatted-front vanity units offer a beautiful textured finish and are perfect for giving a spa-themed, luxurious aesthetic. Pair your fluted vanity unit with some fresh bathroom plants, pops of colour and modern tiles to achieve a stunning contemporary finish.

Our new range of Billy Vanity Units features a range of fluted styles that are wall mounted for space saving and also offer a great storage module for added convenience. Available in 3 stylish finishes with options for the front, countertop and basin, and 2 sizes, you are able to customise to your liking! 

Fluted Bathroom Tiles

Fluted tiles are characterised by a rippled surface and are elegant and minimalist in design. These tiles are popular for bathrooms and kitchens alike and give off a similar appearance to small vertical panels, creating a beautiful 3D finish to your space.

You can incorporate fluted tiles into your bathroom with feature shower walls, basin splashbacks or simply tiling halfway up the wall. Make fluted tiles pop by contrasting them with different textures and tones which will make them stand out even more.

Fluted Tiles

Fluted Taps + Hardware

Textured hardware and taps offer a gorgeous understated feel, no matter how discreet they are. Knurled and grooved taps are an upcoming design trend and not only offer a contemporary textured finish, but also give you a better grip of the handle. Take a look at some of our favourite fluted taps and hardware below.

Fluted Accessories + Lighting

To bring the fluted vibe across your whole bathroom, you can easily find fluted accessories including tumblers, vases and wall lights to complete the look. Flattering and charming, fluted glass is a top design trend for 2023 and a one to watch if you’re looking to update your bathroom with a touch of class.

Whichever product you choose, we have a great choice of fluted bathroom products from a range of luxury brands, so you can be confident you’re getting the best quality!

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