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Glass Shower Screens

Sometimes simple is best, and to avoid the sometimes bulky and tricky-to-clean frames surrounding most shower enclosure glass you might like to consider a simple glass panel or two. These 'wetroom' shower screens can be installed directly upon a tiled and tanked wetroom floor, or simply on to a large shower tray.

You can combine multiple glass shower panels depending on your layout to create a bespoke walk-in enclosure, or you can keep things simple with a single large walk in shower panel that is sufficiently large-enough to stop the water splashing all over the rest of the bathroom. Of course, if you're installing a wetroom floor it doesn't really matter if the rest of the bathroom floor gets wet, but sometimes it's nice to still have a sectioned off area to shower in, and a wetroom shower panel to stop your towels, clothes and toiletries from getting a daily soaking.

Finally, consider the quality of the wetroom screen. Generally they have thicker glass than a standard shower enclosure as you will want your panel to stay fixed in place without any movement. The most common glass thickness is 8mm, although luxury varieties can have glass as thick as 10mm, often with an easy-clean coating applied during the manufacturing process.

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