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7 Beautiful Bath Panel Ideas

Whether you're looking to revamp your bath panel or looking for ideas on how to style one, read on to find out what our experts recommend.  

If you're looking for some inspiration for your DIY or professionally-made bath panel project, then you've come to the right place. In this blog post, we'll show you some of the most beautiful bath panel ideas out there. From rustic wood panels to modern tile designs, we've got something for everyone.

So whether you're looking to add a bit of personality to your bathroom or just want to make it more functional, read on for some great ideas.

1. Maximise Space with Bath Panel Storage

Why not make use of the space underneath a bath and add clever storage to the bath panel? Especially if space is already at a premium. You could have this storage hidden away, with pull-out drawers, or cabinets. Perfect for storing cleaning supplies that are best kept hidden. 

Or, why not create this storage into a focal point? To do this, you could add recessed shelving to the bath panel. This means that the shelves won’t stick out of the bath, but rather fit inside it. You could keep towels or toiletries on here - anything that you wouldn’t mind on show. 

2. Add a Traditional Look with Wood Panelling

Wood panelling is very on-trend throughout the whole home, with DIYers adding this decor feature to walls to add interest. However, wood panelling looks great on bath panels, too. This style is ideal for a traditional bathroom or a bathroom that mixes modern with traditional finishes. Plus, although it’s currently a popular choice for walls, a wooden panelling bath panel is one that never goes out of style because of its timeless look. 

You could DIY this finish of bath panel yourself. The best material for this bath panel is MFC, moisture-resistant MDF, or water-resistant MDF. Measure the bath and cut to size, cut the strips of wood for the panel. Leave a bit of room at the edge of the panel to create a lip for fitting into the bath. Consider using wooden moulding strips for a smooth edge, position these on the panel and use wood glue to attach.

Then use paintable filler to hide the cracks, and sand it ready for painting. Next, use a water-resistant paint colour of your choice. Once the panel is fitted, you can add clear sealant around the edges to create a water-tight seal. Check out our guide on how to seal a bath

Or, if you would like to save yourself from DIY, Drench stocks a range of bath panels with an exquisite traditional wooden finish.

3. Go Bold with Paint

Who says you need a neutral bath panel, or a bath panel colour that fits with the rest of the bathroom? Just like a feature wall, you can use a bath panel as your painted feature. 

If you already have a wooden panel, this can be a great upcycling option as it’s quite easy to paint over. You will need to sand and prime it first. Why not go for pink, blue, or green to add a statement?  

If you have an acrylic bath, this is a bit trickier but can be done. You will need to use medium grit sandpaper to create a surface for the paint to stick to and then use specialised paints. 

Wood panelling is very on-trend throughout the whole home.

4. Match Bath Panel Colour to the Wall

Instead of creating a feature bath panel, you could create a coordinated look by matching the panel to the rest of the room. Whatever colour you’ve chosen for the room, this will look perfect as the bath panel colour for a seamless finish. 

Or, to create a statement, you could paint the bath panel and the wall it’s attached to all the same colour, rather than the rest of the room.

In particular, you could create a statement by painting the bath panel the same colour as the wall it’s attached to. This will make that entire space a stunning feature of the bathroom and saves you from picking a bath panel colour that clashes with the bathroom. 

Have you got DIY on the mind? Have a read of our simple and cheap home improvements for even more inspiration.

5. Tiled Bath Panel Ideas

There are a plethora of options when it comes to using tiles on your bath panels. You could use tiles that match with the rest of the bathroom, metro or chevrons are a popular choice. 

Or, you could create a feature wall and bath panel, like the paint idea we mentioned earlier, but with tiles. Tile the bath panel and the wall it’s attached to in the same tiles, coloured, stone effect, or marble are a good choice for this. 

For a statement bath panel, opt for a bold pattern. A pattern tiled bath panel can add a contemporary touch to the room, creating a stunning focal point. Or you could create your own pattern, by being playful with the tile layout and colours. For example, you could make a checkerboard effect, create stripes, or zig-zags with coloured chevrons. 

Remember to add a waterproof layer before tiling a backing board, and finish with a sealant to fill any gaps. 


6. DIY Tile-Effect with Stencils

If you’ve already got a perfectly fine wooden bath panel, you can use a tile stencil to paint a decorative design on giving you the same effect for a snip of the price. Plus, it will take less time, and far easier. 

There are a range of stencils out there, and they’re reusable so if there’s anywhere else in your home that needs a refresh - this could be ideal. If you have a steady hand, you might even be able to make your own stencil. Find a pattern you like, and print it off to trace. Then use a craft knife to cut out the shapes. 

7. Recycled Wood

Reclaimed wood is a great inexpensive option for a DIY bath panel. It creates a cool rustic look that would look perfect in an industrial style bathroom. You don’t have to use reclaimed wood either, if it’s easier you could pick up wood planks from a DIY shop. You could then varnish each plank in different colours to create that rustic effect that reclaimed wood has. Remember to seal the new or reclaimed wood so it’s water-resistant. 

Bath panels are a great way to freshen up your bathroom, whether you’re purchasing a completely new bath panel or wanting to DIY one. Both options are inexpensive, yet can completely revamp a room. Here, at Drench we stock a huge selection of bath panels, including those for straight baths and corner baths, in a variety of styles to suit any interior choice.

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