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Bathroom Designs Inspired by Striking Beaches

We’re all in desperate need of a holiday but it’s unlikely many of us will get a chance to go abroad this year. So, we’ve decided to fulfil our travel craving with bathroom designs inspired by famous beaches around the world. What’s more, these bathroom refresh tips all cost under £400.

So, whether you’re on a tight budget or a renter looking for ways to spruce up your bathroom, we’ve got you covered with these ideas.


Bring the outdoors in with this Copacabana, Brazil themed bathroom for £68

Copacabana is one of the most famous beaches in the world, and it’s not hard to see why with its stunning greenery and amazing architecture. Which is why we had to create a bathroom inspired by this iconic beach.

This design is influenced by the landscape of the jungle, bringing the outdoors in with greenery and natural elements. The jungle aspect is complemented beautifully with industrial features to represent Brazil’s architecture. Read on to discover how to achieve this look yourself.



What you will need:


Create concrete effect statement walls for £30

Giving your bathroom a new lick of paint is the easiest way to transform a bathroom. What’s more, this concrete effect is certainly striking and looks more expensive than it is, bonus! To obtain these statement walls, paint with a chalk effect paint as normal, then on the second coat, use a brush in a criss-cross motion.

Upcycle an old ladder to make a plant hanger for £22

As Copacabana is all about the luscious greenery, make your plants the centre of attention with a suspended ladder. If you have an old ladder lying around, even better. If not, try sourcing one on freecycle or gumtree. Then use glam gold chains and screw hooks to fix to the ceiling. Finish with trailing plants for the tropical, Brazilian feel.

Get patterned floor tiles for just £15

Tiling can be an expensive job, especially if you need a professional to carry out the task. Thankfully, you can give your flooring a new lease of life easily and cheaply with paint. Create a stencil in the style of the tiled waves of Copacabana sidewalk with card you have lying around your home, and use a tile paint within the stencil.


Nostalgia meets California living with this Santa Monica beach inspired bathroom for £82

Santa Monica Beach is one of LA’s most iconic beaches, thanks to its crisp white sand, beautiful palm trees and the retro Santa Monica Pier.

Santa Monica Beach is colourfully nostalgic, which is why we’ve designed this bathroom with colour pops and retro touches to represent the chilled California living mixed with nostalgia.


What you will need:


Transform your bath with paint for £21

Did you know you can completely change your bath with paint? Painting your bath is a fun way to renovate your bathroom. You’ll need to clean and sand the bath, and you also need primer and acrylic polymer paint to paint an acrylic bath. We’ve picked a brick red to pop against the blue wall and to represent the vibrant pier.

Turn your bathroom vanity dusky pink for £18

Our research found that pink in the bathroom is a huge trend for 2021, but if you can’t afford to buy new pink elements to match this trend, an easy way to achieve this look is with paint. Firstly, you’ll want to clean and lightly sand your bathroom furniture. The paint we’ve picked doesn’t need a primer, so you can go right ahead and start painting.

Achieve an instant statement with contrasting wall and ceiling colours for £24

When it comes to painting, why should your walls get all the attention? Painting the ceiling anything but white gives your space that wow-factor and makes the room feel polished. To really make it pop we’ve paired this gorgeous green with a contrasting blue for an effortless statement.

Create your own artwork for £10

Beautiful prints can add up on your bathroom budget, so to lower costs, why not trace or draw the pictures yourself? All you will need is a pack of frames for £5 and any paper you have around the home. Draw a Ferris wheel on one and palm trees on the other for perfect Santa Monica vibes.


Satisfy your wanderlust with a Shipwreck Beach, Greece, inspired bathroom for under £385

You’ve likely seen this beach on travel brochures or ads as it’s truly picture perfect. This stunning cove is famous for its rusty shipwreck, white sands and crystal blue sea. But although you might not be able to visit this bay this year, you can satisfy your wanderlust by turning your bathroom into this location.



What you will need:


Achieve an industrial look with copper fittings for £349.98

Complete bathroom renovations cost on average £2,000, but you can easily give your bathroom a refresh by just changing the fittings. Copper taps are sure to make a statement as they give your bathroom a cool industrial look and represent the rusty shipwreck beautifully.

Paint the wall ocean teal for £12

Shipwreck Beach has the most gorgeous teal waters. What’s more, this colour complements copper beautifully, which is why it's the perfect shade to paint your bathroom for this Shipwreck Beach look.

Turn your bath copper to resemble the ship for £10.50

The shipwreck is the defining feature of this picturesque beach, so we couldn’t not make a nod to it through an amazing copper bath. Copper is an expensive element, so to get this style on a budget you can easily use paint. Firstly you’ll want to use a spray primer to create a good base for the copper paint. Once it’s dry you can spray paint with copper. Alternatively, you can skip the DIY and buy a roll top copper boat bath.

If you have any leftover copper paint, you can also paint any remaining metal features, such as the towel rail.

Create subway tiles with grout pen for £10

Grout used to be white, but these days you can make an easy statement with black grout. What’s better is that you don’t need to completely retile your bathroom, just pick up a black grout pen and go over your grout for an effortless industrial look.

Reuse old rattan baskets as lightshades for £2

Do you have any old rattan belly baskets lying around that you don’t use? Why not upcycle them as lightshades with this clever hack? All you will need is scissors/Stanley knife and a lightshade spider. Cut a hole at the bottom of the basket big enough to fit around your light fitting but small enough so the lightshade spider can sit at the top. Then you’re good to go!


We hope you’ve learnt a thing or two about bathroom revamps, and that it is possible to give your bathroom a refresh on a budget! If you would like more wallet-friendly tips, check out our victorian bathroom suite on a budget guide, or for more design ideas head over to the interior inspiration hub.

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