Designing an Easy to Clean Bathroom

Welcome back to the Drench blog, where this time around we shall be focusing in on the many components you can select when creating and maintaining an easy clean bathroom.

Don’t listen to the haters – there is absolutely nothing wrong with despising the act of bathroom cleaning, so why not make it as simple a task as possible?

Drawing on these easy to clean bathroom fixes and super-simple bathroom cleaning components available throughout our expansive online store is a fantastic place to start. By the time that we’re done here, cleaning the bathroom will be so easy that you don’t even dread it any more – honest!

Why Are Bathrooms so Hard to Clean?

Your home’s bathrooms may be hard to clean for a couple of good reasons…

First, bathrooms are filled with sinks, cisterns and shower units that by nature feature intricate shapes in their design, intricacies that can be incredibly awkward to delve into and properly clean. And every time that you overlook cleaning them properly, you become less and less likely to delve that far the next time. And so, the grime builds…

The next catastrophe preventing easy bathroom cleaning is the moisture produced by your bath, shower and various other heat-emitting bathroom implements, which together  provide a potent brewing of condensation and damp. An extractor fan will deal with as much of this as possible, though it would be impossible to erase it entirely.

The result is the development of mildew and other oddness spoiling your impeccable grout, peeling of your expensive wall paint, discolouration of your meticulously chosen bathroom components and so much more. So, how to combat your bathroom cleaning nightmares?

The biggest bathroom brands feel your pain – they want you to be enjoying their products when you use them more than suffering as you clean them! And so, we now take you through some of the sleekest, most minimal, and easy to clean bathroom pieces out there.

Wall Mounted Vanity Units

Wall hung vanity units are incredibly popular bathroom items as they create the illusion of extra space – however, they are also a fantastic solution for kitting out your easy clean bathroom.

First of all, their smooth underside transitions into the bathroom wall enabling easy wiping of any dust from the bottom of the vanity unit. Second, it gives you full access to the bathroom floor for simple mopping with no pedestal for spiders and other unsettling creatures to hide.

Create space and minimise cleaning time at the same time? We’re in! One of our favourite vanity units for achieving exactly that is this Harbour Substance 900m 1 Drawer Wall Mounted Vanity Unit & Black Basin in Metallic Effect.


For just £499.99, enjoy a remarkably stylish wall hung vanity unit with two internal soft close drawers, a composite resin basin, 1 pre-drilled tap hole for total flexibility in basin mixer choice, and a 2 year manufacturer guarantee. Just look at that thing gleam!

Undermount Basins

From wall hung vanity unit to undermount basin, this is one of the slickest units that you can possibly add to any bathroom décor. And this Crosswater Ancona Undermount Ceramic Basin is as clean in its looks as it is in its simplicity to stay sparkling.

Just like the wall hung units we examined a second ago, an undermount basin minimises the extra areas that require cleaning with zero raised or intricate external components. Just pure curvature for easy bathroom cleaning enjoyment!

For just £134.99, this Crosswater basin is typically mind-blowing, exhibiting a fully recessed undermount design crafted expertly from vitreous china and finished in stunning white that comes complete with integrated overflow and a resounding 15 year manufacturer guarantee.

Easy Clean Toilets

From the altar to the throne – most modern designer toilets fall under the category of easy clean toilets due to their sleek lines and wall hung design. The lack of pedestal and reduced edging, much the same as with our easy clean bathroom vanity units, is key in this differentiation. And of course, a concealed cistern takes away the significant – unsightly, some might even say – cistern when it comes to easy bathroom cleaning. Yes, the humble toilet has come a long way, and easy clean toilets don’t get much better than this Crosswater Svelte Wall Hung Toilet & Soft Close Seat in 520mm Projection at £399.97.


No base, no back – just a single connecting element to the wall that makes it so much simpler to clean. No fiddly behind seat shuffling with wet wipes or any of that messy drama. Just pure modern beauty sculpted in Italy and supported by a 15 year guarantee!

Easy Clean Showers

The onset of wet rooms has made showers a heck of a lot easier to clean, featuring large area tiling to minimise the number of grout lines and removing shower trays that are notorious for collecting all manner of grime.

Whether or not you choose to take the wet room approach (and we highly recommend that you at least consider it – you can check out our informative blog on that exact topic right here), we’ve gathered a couple of our most beautiful easy clean showers for you.

First up, the Harbour I8 8mm 2m Tall Easy Clean Wetroom 2 Panel Pack for £249.97. This Harbour piece has all you need to do away with a traditional shower setup and all of the fiddly cleaning corners by which such setups are plagued.

Most importantly for our easy clean bathroom requirements – this I8 unit is covered in an easy clean coating that stops grime and limescale build-up. And did we mention it has a lifetime guarantee? Perfect!

Or if you require just one shower panel to create a full corner wetroom shower then you should check out the Harbour Status Matt Black Frame 10mm Easy Clean Walk In Panel.

For £539.99 you acquire one of the finest pieces of glass you’ll see anywhere, equally easy to clean thanks to Harbour’s regarded protective coating. Minimum panes for minimum pain!

Shower Handsets

From the space where you shower to the handset with which you add to your shower experience: the shower headset is not used as often as the base shower headset and so they unfortunately become a breeding place for limescale and bacteria.

However, they are also a secret weapon in easy bathroom cleaning because they can be used after every shower (or most – we’ll allow you that occasional cleaning oversight) to ensure minimised scum build-up by hosing down your shower tray or wetroom arena!

Check out this Crosswater Mpro Shower Handset with Wall Outlet and Hose in Matt Black for £129.98, which is made of brass and finished in delightful dulled black for perfect colour-matching with every sort of bathroom décor. With 0.2 bar minimum pressure required and a 15 year manufacturer guarantee, it’s one of the most popular shower handsets we sell and for good reason.

And if your easy to clean bathroom requires a more traditional looking handset, then you can count on Crosswater to hook you up with the same unit at the same price in this rather astounding brushed brass finish!

Easy Clean Bathroom Walls and Floors

It is a wonderful move toward simple bathroom cleaning to delve into the world of easy clean minimal bathroom units but there is even more that you can do in the form of easy clean bathroom walls and floors.

Bathroom tiling can prove an absolute bathroom cleaning nightmare with all of the discolouring and odd fungi that loves nothing more than to grow on every millimetre of grout throughout your bathroom.

First, ensure you select the largest possible tiles so that we minimise the length of grout required to fit them and, subsequently, to clean. Larger tiling provides a cleaner and more spacious bathroom aesthetic so kill two birds with one stone using this simple fix. Get out, grout!

Have a look at two great floor tile examples from Easy Bathrooms below.

When it comes to walls, why bother spending money on paint that will dampen and peel – especially around the top of the room, growing worse with every shower taken? Vinyl wall covers are becoming more and more popular – as well as backpainted glass surfacing – by providing easy clean bathroom wall textures that can be wiped down simply by sponge.

Larger area tiles, vinyl wall innovations – this is just the tip of the easy clean bathroom surface iceberg. See how deep you can go and let us know your bright ideas so we can share them with our fellow bathroom renovators all around the world!

Cramer Cleaning Power

However easy we make our bathroom cleaning, it still must be done. And when it comes to bathroom cleaning, we strongly suggest you check out the products of Cramer on our online store. Don’t buy 10 substandard cleaning products when just one will do the job!

From keeping your chrome gleaming to maintaining your flat black bits, Cramer have a proven product for every requirement so you can clean your easy clean bathroom with ease. And they’re environmentally friendly, too!

Easy Clean Dream!

So there we have it guys – keep just a few simple design aspects in mind when upgrading and your easy clean bathroom is anything but difficult to achieve!

Remember – if your bathroom is minimal, bathroom cleaning becomes minimal!

If you want help of any sort – whether on easy clean bathroom advice or absolutely anything else in the bathroom world – then please do not hesitate to get in touch. Our friendly support team love nothing more than to make your day – so please contact us right here!

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