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Why We Recommend a Sliding Shower Door

Buying a shower door isn’t always as straightforward as it might appear, there’s a lot to consider with your design ultimately coming down to personal preference, your type of shower, and even both size and design of your bathroom.

Sliding shower doors are becoming more and more popular thanks to their space saving qualities. While hinge or pivot doors require a larger space in front of the shower to open up into, sliding doors do not, making them an ideal choice if you have a slightly smaller bathroom. They are also easy to maneuvere, and can make getting in and out of the shower a smoother process.

But even when you know you’re after a sliding shower door, the choices don’t stop there. With such an array of different types on the market, knowing which one to go for can be tricky. Follow our speedy buying guide, and you’ll find buying yourself a sliding shower door a whole lot easier.

Single Sliding Shower Doors

Single sliding shower doors are simple, easy to use and elegant. The Harbour 16+ Easy Clean Sliding Shower Door is one of the best options out there. It’s made from 6mm toughened safety glass, comes with a choice of door and optional side panel, has an Aqua Shield for fast and easy cleaning, and arrives preassembled.

To look at, it’s elegant and minimalist, while modern features such as the magnetic door seals, quick release bottom runners and universal design make this shower door a breeze to use.

Double Sliding Shower Doors

Double sliding shower doors also hold a number of advantages. They are slightly easier to clean than their single counterparts, and many will offer slightly more room when entering or exiting the shower.

The Primrose Easy Clean Double Sliding Shower Door offers slightly more in the way of style. The double door style is aesthetically pleasing and easy to use, offering plenty of space to access the shower. This model is made from 6mm clear glass, has quick release wheels and a lifetime guarantee.

Framed Sliding Shower Doors

Framed sliding shower doors can add a little structure to your bathroom visually. They can work as focal points and are often used to create a little more personality in a minimalist bathroom.

Top of our list is this Harbour Sliding Shower Door made of toughened safety glass with an eye-catching and stylish frame. This shower door really gives your bathroom that luxury feeling, with crisp, clean lines adding an any modern look. The smooth gliding technology makes the door easy to use, and this door comes with a 10 year guarantee.

Frameless Sliding Shower Doors

Frameless sliding shower doors offer something totally different by way of aesthetics. They are ideal in a contemporary bathrooms, adding to a luxurious and clean feeling. In fact, you might hardly even notice they are there - helping to create the illusion of space and minimalism.

The Crosswater Design 8mm Hinged Shower Door & Side Panel  is our top choice. It’s stylish and modern, made from 8mm toughened safety glass. The reversible design makes it ideal for a range of bathroom shapes and sizes, choose from several different panel sizes and door sizes to suit your needs.

Semi-Frameless Sliding Shower Doors

If you’re after a happy medium, a semi-frameless sliding shower door should be your go-to. These offer the best of both worlds, with the clean lines helping to give structure to your bathroom while retaining that minimalist feel.

The Aquadart Incline 3 Sided Sliding Door Shower is top of the list. This 3 sided enclosure is made from easy-clean glass and boasts high quality brass hinges and a stunning silver finish. This sliding door comes with a 10 year guarantee.

Corner Entry Sliding Shower Doors

Corner entry sliding shower doors are an extremely practical addition to your bathroom. Allowing your shower to be slotted into the corner, they can create the illusion of space and help add to that minimalist feel.

The Harbour Icon Matt Black 8mm Pentagonal Shower Enclosure is one of the best corner entry shower doors. It’s reversible which allows for better placement, with 8mm toughened glass. Designed for comfort and built to last, this shower enclosure is simple, elegant and smooth to use.

Quadrant Sliding Shower Doors

Quadrant shower enclosures are often what people think of when they talk about corner showers. These are easy to use and space saving, and they’re also available in an array of stunning designs to suit your bathroom.

The Harbour 18 Quadrant Shower Enclosure is one of our favourites. It has quick release runners and slides smoothly to make accessing your shower as easy as possible. It also has an Aqua Shield coating and a lifetime guarantee.

Matt Black Perfection

Sliding shower doors are not only highly functional, they can also make a serious statement. A matt black finish is becoming more and more popular thanks to its sleek and contemporary look, and this Crosswater MPRO Matt Black Sliding Shower Door is a firm favourite.

The matt black is bang on trend and easy to style, while the design of the door is minimalist and modern, adding to that contemporary feeling. The frame gives your bathroom structure and pairing with other matt black accessories, such as shower heads or or valves, will complete the whole look.

Fabulously Frosted

Frosted glass shower doors can totally transform a bathroom, despite seeming a relatively insignificant feature. The Eastbrook Volente Frosted Sliding Door is proof of this, boasting beautiful and practical contemporary design thanks to its strong corners, smooth sliding and stunning frosted finish to give you some extra privacy. There are 10 different door sizes to choose from and, if you’re looking to create a shower enclosure, 5 different side panel options. The frosted glass is easy to clean and this product also has a 10 year guarantee.

Always Here to Help

We hope this guide has given you some sliding shower door inspiration and you feel ready to kit out your bathroom with some stunning designs. You can also shop our entire range of sliding shower doors here.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions about a product, or simply need help finding ‘the one’.

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