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Why a Digital Shower is the Only Choice

What is a Digital Shower?

Digital showers are the latest must-have item to make showering that little bit more special. Essentially, it’s a shower controlled by a remote control digital receiver. This means that instead of struggling to get your temperature dial to the exact right temperature, only to accidentally knock it out of place and be rewarded with a shower hotter than the sun, you can now choose your temperature to the exact degree.

Other features of digital showers include touchscreen displays or colour coded lighting systems which tell you when your shower is at the perfect temperature. Depending on how much you fancy paying, you can also get digital showers which tell you the flow rate, as well as the ability to save the perfect temperature and flow rate for each family member. What can we say? Whilst they may be perfect for sharing families, they’re perhaps not so ideal for your mortgage payments.


How do Digital Showers Work?

Digital showers work essentially in the same way as mixer showers. They draw hot and cold water together, mixing them inside the digital receiver until they reach the perfect temperature. Controlled by a thermostat, this means there will be no random spikes in temperature and they are far more accurate than simple mixer showers.

Contrary to popular belief, digital showers are not the same as smart showers. While smart showers are in fact digital, they usually come with a few more extra features. This may include an app which allows you to turn the shower on and off, as well as the ability to adjust the temperature from your phone. It may also allow you to set the duration of your shower if you are short on time, or play music. While smart showers generally work the same way as digital showers, they are more ‘connected’ in a sense - usually offering more than a remote-controlled temperature gauge.


Can Anyone Have a Digital Shower?

You don’t have to be particularly tech-savvy to get your head around digital showers, and they are compatible with all types of water system - provided you heat your water via an immersion heater, gravity feed or a boiler system. Digital showers can be used with virtually any water pressure since they come in both low and high pressure variations.

Gravity System or Combination Boiler?

A gravity-fed water supply, essentially a water tank in your loft, will require a different shower to those with a combi-boiler. Gravity-fed showers build water pressure by flowing down from the tank to the shower, and these will only work with a pump to boost water flow. This sounds like more faff than it really is and digital showers can be purchased specifically for a gravity-fed water supply. Combination boilers on the other hand, will not require a pump to boost water flow. Instead, you will need to purchase a digital shower suitable for high pressure.

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