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The Best Toilets for Small Bathrooms & Cloakrooms

Do you have a small bathroom and need some small toilet ideas to make sure you can fit everything in and that your cloakroom works as it should do? If the answer is yes, there are a few things to consider first. And like anything, there are some fantastic small toilet ideas that are better suited than others.

Whether you’re searching for a toilet for a grandiose bathroom or a tiny cloakroom under the stairs, there are still a few golden rules around what you should be considering before you make the final decision to purchase a new WC.

Choosing the perfect toilet for your bathroom can be a daunting task, which is why we’ve put together this helpful, concise guide to help you find the best small WC for your home.


Think About The Dimensions

The most crucial thing to consider is the space you’ve got to work with. Obviously, if your bathroom is on the larger side of things, it’s not quite as essential to consider. But picking the right small cloakroom toilet can be more of a challenge.

In short - size matters.

Most homes with a few bedrooms or more tend to have a second smaller toilet, downstairs cloakroom or en-suite attached to the master bedroom.

The typical cloakroom toilet size is around 1200 x 1200mm, so you need ensure there’s at least a minimum clearance space between the toilet and the basin. To be completely comfortable, the recommended clearance space from the back of toilet to the front is 760mm; 490mm is the minimum, and you would be lucky to find a toilet that’s smaller than that.


Choosing the Right Small Toilet for Your Needs

To maximise your cloakroom toilet design, there are a few small toilet types that can help you save space in your bathroom; and in some cases, it can make the space appear larger than it really is.


Wall-Mounted Toilets

If you have enough wall cavity space to incorporate a concealed cistern, you might want to consider getting a wall-mounted toilet. The fact that the cistern is hidden within your wall means very little room is required, making it one of the most effective space-saving toilets available. Cleaning around and under the toilet is a breeze too thanks to the wall-hung design – useful for homeowners with little ones around who need a hygienic and safe environment.

Back to Wall Toilets

Absolutely ideal for a cloakroom under the stairs, the back to wall toilet is really just a wall-mounted toilet installed on the floor. Every single toilet needs a cistern, but by discreetly concealing it, you can create more space in your small bathroom. This can be achieved in two ways –by hiding it in a back to wall toilet unit or behind a stud partition wall.

Short Projection Toilets

Another winning small toilet design is the short projection toilet. A toilet’s projection can range between 490mm and 800mm, so it’s important to make sure the one you choose is small enough for your bathroom but big enough for you to actually fit on.

At Drench we consider a toilet to be space-saving if it has a projection of less than 620mm – you might find some people have other ideas, but really it should come down to choosing the precise, specific size you need.

Combination Basin and Toilet Units

Another small toilet idea, one that’s certainly the most innovative, is to have a compact toilet and basin combination unit installed. A toilet and basin vanity saves on both space and money whilst creating a more minimal look for your small modern toilet. They add both practicality and functionality, regardless if you choose a unit with storage space or not.

Perfect for cloakroom toilets and small restrooms, the combination toilet and basin unit is the undoubted champion for space-efficiency. It’s like a 3-in-1 deal – a toilet, basin and storage all in one smart package of bathroom furniture.

In short, a small toilet can be stylish as well as practical. Having the right know-how and choosing the best space-saving toilet can really help to lift the aesthetic of your cloakroom and give the illusion that it’s bigger instead of feeling boxed in.

Space-Saving Toilet Tips

It’s not all about the toilet though. Whilst it’s essential to pick one that’s the right size and style, there are a few tips and tricks you can use to really make full use of the space you have to work with.

Your cloakroom toilet’s physical dimensions may be on the small side, but it’s still possible to trick the eye with some cunning small toilet styling tips. For example, tiling the walls and floors of a cloakroom WC adds more depth to narrow spaces. This is especially true when it comes to marble-effect bathroom tiles and lighter grey and beige tones that open up the setting.


No Storage Space? Simple, Stack It!

Storage space in small WCs can often be problematic, but who said you need to install cumbersome bathroom cabinets that steal space to make your en-suite bathroom fully functional? A tiered wire storage rack for small toilets is ideal for keeping your lotions, soaps and hand towels if space is really limited.


Your Small Toilet Basin Matters

To complement your small WC, you might want to consider a floating basin or a cloakroom vanity unit. These help save space in small bathrooms. Not only is a wall-hung bathroom vanity visually pleasing, more floor space can be seen, which makes the room appear more spacious.


Paint It Neutral

A neutral non-busy palette of tonal greys and off-whites will also add to the illusion that your small cloakroom toilet is bigger than it actually is, so consider going lighter than darker when painting and tiling. If plain all the way isn’t for you, try adding a feature patterned wall to bring the space to life.


Create Optical Illusions with Mirrors

Our final small toilet hack that creates the illusion of more space is a mirror. Illuminated or not, by simply adding a bathroom mirror that spans across a large section of your wall the cloakroom can double in size. And with such beautiful designs available these days, adding a mirror is really a no-brainer.

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