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How to Get a Stunning Bespoke Coloured Radiator

Welcome back to the Drench blog, where this week we are thrilled to introduce you to the new possibilities in the realm of coloured radiators thanks to Butler & Rose & Reina.

So if you are one of those home renovators who spends way too long wondering “what is the best colour for a radiator?” then perhaps it is time to stop limiting yourself by radiator colour…

Instead, prepare yourself to sift through over 500 colours that your new radiator could potentially don. That’s right – it really has never been simpler to obtain a coloured radiator outside of the usual white, black or anthracite options.


Who’s Making These Coloured Radiators?

As radiator companies continue to advance, coloured radiators are becoming more and more normalised. Development has not exactly been speedy, until now with Butler & Rose and Reina taking the biggest possible step in the right direction.

They are some of home heating’s most respected brands, a massively successful entity and they have just opened up their range to full RAL colour access totalling over 500 potential shades of coloured radiators!

We know, we know – we couldn’t possibly name even 20 colours ourselves – but now thanks to our fabulous favourites, we are blessed by half a thousand colourations to match to your home’s palette.

There’s no limitation when it comes to this fantastic offering from both Reina and Butler & Rose, who guarantee that a huge range of their usual home heating solutions will be open to at least some of the 500 quoted RAL colours at hand.

Coloured column radiators, coloured electric radiators, coloured flat panels, oval radiators and more! There is no restriction to the style of radiator that you can have transformed with your ideal hue.

As a couple of examples, we’ve decided to show you perhaps the most effective blank canvas to lead you into a realm of coloured radiator enjoyment. 

Compatible with central heating systems and powered by Butler & Rose’s dependable 5 year manufacturer guarantee, this pair of home heating heroes each come in a wide array of column numbers and sizes, providing the perfect starting point for your custom radiator!


How to Order?

As you may have noticed, there is no drop-down selection on our website with 500 different colours to scroll through. These bespoke radiators are available by special request only – so use the live chat box to contact our team.

We will be able to share with you instantly just how many of RAL’s delightful catalogue can be applied to your radiator of choice, as well as cool any pre-emptive sweats regarding the potential cost involved.


Wait, How Much?

Of course, you can expect to pay a little on top to receive a salmon orange, basalt grey, brown beige or bronze radiator (all real RAL colours, by the way).

However, you will be delighted to know that these premium bespoke radiators cost as little as 20% extra compared to their typically coated brethren.

With a DIY custom paint job costing more and likely providing far worse results, these wonderful RAL coloured radiators are simply too good not to consider.


Over the Rainbow


A deep red vertical designer radiator to represent the spiced cooking your kitchen hosts, a horizontal brilliant blue designer radiator to bring a dash of much needed calm to your teenager’s bedroom – perhaps even a lemon yellow lounge radiator to match the sunflowers waving from the window above…

All of these real RAL colours and more are possible, in more shades than you can shake a stick at!

Butler & Rose and Reina are taking bespoke radiators to a new kaleidoscopic level, providing contemporary radiators not only in design but in colour, too!

Many other manufacturers are expanding their range of coloured radiators so sit back and look forward to a new era of coloured radiator fun!

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