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Everything You Need To Know About Bath Shower Screens

A good shower is essential, but what’s even more essential is a good shower screen, especially if you have a shower bath and would like to forego the shower curtain. Curtains are more difficult to keep clean, can often cause mould & mildew in your bathroom and can look unsightly & old fashioned.

Bath shower screens are a great way to ensure your bathroom stays splash-free whilst you shower. This handy guide will tell you everything you need to know about bath shower screens, along with a few of our favourites.


What are the Different Types?







Special Finishes

What Even is a Bath Shower Screen?

Bath shower screens are glass panels which stop water leaking from your combined bath and shower setup. Bath shower screens are fixed to the wall usually using a type of hinge mechanism and are made from glass in varying degrees of thickness. They offer a minimalist, efficient alternative to shower curtains.

What Are The Different Types of Screen?

Single Panel Screens: These are generally made using one single pane of glass which can be moved via a hinge. These are the most common choice as they provide a clean and fuss-free design that doesn’t have lots of nooks and crannies for muck to build-up in. Many single panels also feature a frameless design for the ultimate minimalist style.

Double Panel Bifold Screens: These have a hinge in the centre of the screen meaning they can be opened in a few different ways which creates easy access into your bath. They can work in a similar way to shower doors which is great if you lack space or want that extra bit of splash protection. They're also great for smaller bathrooms where you don't want a fixed pane of glass intruding into your space. Double screens tend to measure up a bit longer which is handy if you have a longer bathtub.

How Do They Measure Up?

The size of screen you should go for really depends on the size of your bathtub and the power of your shower kit. They are generally measured in millimetres, and come in a huge range of widths and heights, usually standing between 1400 - 1500mm. They’re also available in a range of different shapes to suit your bath if you’ve got something a little different!

The thickness of bath shower screens usually ranges from 3mm to 8mm. The thicker, toughened shower screens feel more luxurious but they are also a lot heavier – something to consider if your bathroom is in the top floor! The thinner ones can feel a little flimsier but certainly do the job, often for a fraction of the cost.

Are They Easy To Install?

Installing bath shower screens is easier than many people think but take a look at our handy DIY guide to help you through it. While DIY can save both time and money, we’re not sure it’s worth damaging your brand-new screen or wall for! It's perfectly possible to fit one yourself with some determination and a quick search of YouTube for some guidance.

Bath Shower Screen

Do They Need Much Aftercare?

While they don’t need much in terms of maintenance, bath shower screens do need to be cleaned regularly to stop them from becoming stained, take a look at our ultimate guide to cleaning shower glass here. The best way to do this is to give your bath shower screen a quick wipe down after each use. More expensive bath shower screens have an easy-clean coating which will make the job even easier. Whilst it may seem excessive cleaning after every use, it’ll help keep your bathroom looking in tip-top condition and your shower screen will look brand-new for longer.

How Safe Are They For Families With Young Children?

High-quality shower screens shouldn’t cause any problems in your family bathroom. Ensure your bath shower screen is built from high-quality, toughened safety glass or you may come to regret it later on. The glass will also be bevelled, creating a smooth edge. If you’re worried, opt for a folding shower screen which can be tucked out of the way if the kids are around.


How Much Do They Cost?

The price of your over bath shower screen will depend on the thickness and quality of the glass, size of the screen, and style. Thinner, straight-edged models with no extra features can cost as little as £60, up to £400 for double or triple bath screens. Budget-friendly and cheap shower screens will certainly do the job but might not look quite as brand new a couple of years down the line.

Can You Use Them On Any Bathtub?

Although bath shower screens are often used on straight bathtubs to contain the water from the shower, they can be custom built to slot into many different shapes and sizes of baths. Our ever popular L- and P-shaped shower baths that provide extra standing space are available with matching screens for a cohesive look. Bespoke shower screens can even be made to slot underneath sloping walls or other tricky angles.

Bath Shower Screen

Special Finishes

Shower screens can come in an array of different finishes, from modern matt black, to timeless chrome and striking brushed brass. Chrome will give you bathroom a timeless elegance, but why not go for a more striking design such as brass or matt black framed? Take a look at some of our favourites below:

There are multiple choices of glass shower screens these days can be purchased with beautiful designs to suit your style of bathroom. Some shower screens even have handles, towel rails or shelves for added convenience, and these also save you valuable bathroom space. Take a look at our whole selection of bath shower screens here.

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