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Bathroom Cabinet and Mirror Guide

Choosing a bathroom cabinet can be difficult due to the huge array of styles and functionalities on the market. And it’s certainly not a decision that should be taken lightly.

Our complete guide to bathroom cabinets and mirrors will help you decorate your bathroom in style. From bathroom cabinet materials, to our extensive list of trendy bathroom mirrors, we’ve got the lowdown on how to add both class and functionality to your bathroom.

Bathroom Mirror Cabinet Types

The right cabinet can transform an otherwise boring bathroom into something truly special - adding style, sophistication and perhaps most importantly, somewhere to put all your bathroom essentials! But with so many styles, colours, materials and designs out there, where do we even begin?

Illuminated Bathroom Cabinets

Illuminated bathroom mirror cabinets has risen in popularity in recent years and is the best, practical option for a family bathroom, or a more minimalist cloakroom. Illuminated bathroom mirror cabinets are extremely versatile and add some truly wonderful contemporary looks to any home. You can find all of our illuminated bathroom mirror cabinets here.

Aluminium Bathroom Cabinets

An extremely popular choice, aluminium bathroom cabinets are robust and modern. They come in a variety of different designs so suit most bathroom themes and are not too expensive. The main advantage of aluminium is its durability as they will not corrode or rust when exposed to moisture in the air.

Stainless Steel Bathroom Cabinets

Stainless steel is another great choice of material for your bathroom cabinet, primarily because they too will stand the test of time. These bathroom cabinets are easy to clean and durable, but also look sleek and sophisticated despite changing trends.

Wooden Bathroom Cabinets

Vintage and traditional, wooden bathroom cabinets certainly make a statement. They look great paired with traditional fixtures, and can be purchased in an array of colours and types of wood. Wooden bathroom cabinets are generally cheaper than their stainless steel or aluminium counterparts. One thing to consider is that wood does not withstand moisture quite as well, and bathrooms are very moist places as we all know!

Non-Illuminated Bathroom Cabinets

If your bathroom already receives a lot of natural light you may want to opt for a non-lit bathroom cabinet. These can still look beautifully modern, while also working well with more traditional décor. The other upside is that they save on your electricity bill!

Corner Bathroom Cabinets

Another good space saving choice is a corner cabinet, which may be small but they are super stylish and can look beautifully modern. The Vellamo Alpine corner mirror cabinet has some wonderful features: including LED illumination and soft close doors, with the bonus of saving space while still providing a great amount of storage. our Drench stainless steel mirrored corner cabinet is also a great option to make brighten up and make use of those dark bathroom corners.

Choosing a Bathroom Cabinet - What to Consider


Make sure to measure your wall space before purchasing anything. If you have a smaller bathroom, a smaller cabinet is the better option, as larger ones can look bulky and make the room feel even more cluttered. If you need a lot of storage and have the space, it’s worth going for something bigger - even if it may be slightly less aesthetically pleasing. It's also essential to make sure you have sufficient space for the door openings.

Power Source

It's important to note that illuminated cabinets or those with shaver sockets will need to be located close to a power source. If you’re unsure, always call a professional! Non-illuminated or electrical cabinets can be a simple DIY job, however.

Bathroom Mirror Cabinet

Bathroom Mirrors

A decent bathroom mirror is a bathroom necessity. While bathroom mirrors often double up as cabinets, those who don’t need the extra storage may opt for a stand-alone mirror. Here’s what to look for when choosing the perfect mirror.

Illuminated Bathroom Mirrors

An illuminated bathroom mirror is the perfect way to add some extra light to your bathroom, while also giving it a little modern touch. If you fancy a more serene atmosphere, go for something low key with soft lights. If you fancy a more vibrant atmosphere, bright lights surrounding a mirror will do just the trick.

Non-Illuminated Bathroom Mirrors

If you don’t need any extra lighting in your bathroom then non-illuminated bathroom mirrors are easy to come by, and you can be a lot less picky about where they are placed. Non-illuminated mirrors can still work as a standout feature in your bathroom.

Bathroom Mirror Features

Shaving Sockets

Shaving sockets built into mirrors are becoming the norm thanks to the fact that they make an often-tedious task that little bit easier. Check out our full range of shaving and cosmetic mirrors to suit any style of bathroom.

Heated Demister Pads

Once you experience a bathroom mirror with a demister pad, you’ll wonder how you ever survived without one! No more waiting for the mirror to clear before you can actually use it, we have a whole host of steam free mirrors complete with demister pads - you’ll be totally spoiled for choice.

Bluetooth Speakers

Make your morning shower that little bit brighter with bathroom Bluetooth speakers. Built into your bathroom mirror, Bluetooth speakers will let you play music straight from your phone whilst your phone can be safely dry in another room.

Infra-Red Sensors

Bathroom mirrors with infrared sensors add a modern touch to your bathroom and will wow your guests at the same time. Light up an illuminated bathroom mirror with just a brush of a hand, marvelling at the switch and button free life! Many our bathroom mirrors have infra-red sensors, often with other useful features.

Magnifying Mirrors

Magnifying mirrors are perfect for those morning bathroom routines. Many of our designs have magnifying side and a plain side to make getting ready even easier, saving you time and effort in the morning.

Choosing a Bathroom Mirror - What to Consider

Large mirrors are preferable for small bathrooms that may lack natural light, as the mirror will reflect any available light around the room. A carefully placed mirror can work miracles at creating the illusion of space. Be sure to measure the amount of space you have before you purchase a brand new mirror.

Just the same as bathroom cabinets, LED illuminated mirrors will need a power source so it’s best to call in a professional to install it. If you are renting your home, your best bet is a mirror which can simply be hung on a wire or string. If, however, you’re in your own place and want something permanent, you can certainly be a little more adventurous.

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