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The Ultimate Guide to Bathroom Accessories

What if we told you that you don’t need huge amounts of space and a load of fancy furniture to make your bathroom a room to be proud of? Contrary to belief, a bland bathroom can be brought to life with just a few touches - and adding bathroom accessories is one of the best ways to do this.

Minimalism is a concept many of us are familiar with yet rarely manage to enforce. But the benefits of minimalism are even more visible in a room like your bathroom, where space is usually limited. Overcrowding your bathroom will do little for your relaxation - instead, the bathroom is the perfect place to start embracing a minimalist lifestyle, and decorating with a few key bathroom accessories will give you the chance to make your bathroom beautiful without overcrowding it and compromising on space.


Another huge benefit of decorating with a few bathroom accessories is the amount of money saved. While many people choose to purchase show-stopping fixtures or designer showers to perk up a boring room, it’s not necessary when it comes to making your bathroom stand out. If you’re short on cash or simply choosing to spend money on other areas of your home, but still want to get that luxury feeling the bathroom is best known for, investing in some beautiful bathroom accessories is practically a necessity.

Finally, bathrooms accessories are the perfect way to add a personal touch to a room which is so often neglected. When it comes to home décor, the little details go a long way and this is just as true in the bathroom. Spend some time choosing the perfect bathroom accessories and you’ll be rewarded with a luxurious, spacious and most importantly, relaxing bathroom.


Add a Touch of Colour

Adding just a touch of colour to your bathroom is a sure-fire way to give the room a little extra something without giving any of your visitors a headache. When it comes to smaller rooms like the bathroom, a neutral colour scheme is the most popular choice as it gives the illusion of more space. This is where colourful bathroom accessories, such as a splash of yellow or red can work their magic. Yellow bathroom accessories are becoming more and more popular, adding a lovely sunny feel to your bathroom. Pair with an indoor plant for extra happy vibes.


If you already have a few pops of colour in your bathroom like for instance a feature wall, or if you prefer more of a neutral theme all round, you may opt for neutral bathroom accessories. Our top picks of neutral accessories include little pieces in rose gold, copper, grey or black. Accessorising with these colours will make your bathroom look stylish and modern, although they can also be used in a more traditionally decorated room. The added bonus of neutral bathroom accessories is that they generally look far more expensive than they actually are so you can get that designer feel for a fraction of the price tag. 

Bathroom Mirrors and Mirror Cabinets

Never underestimate the power of a bathroom mirror when it comes to transforming your space. They not only allow you to appreciate your bed hair in all its glory, bathroom mirrors can work magic in a smaller bathroom as they instantly create the illusion of space. Mirrored cabinets are the perfect way to kill two birds with one stone, as they provide both a mirror and a space for storage - essential when it comes to creating a minimalist bathroom free from clutter. Mirrored cabinets make the perfect bathroom accessory as they can be purchased in so many different styles and designs, guaranteed to make a statement.

The Benefits of Great Bathroom Lighting

Working with different bathroom lighting is one of the best ways to jazz up the room while making the most of what you’ve got. The mood you’re after will determine what sort of lighting you go for. Set the mood without needing to go all out on fancy furniture with modern light fittings or, if you’re after a more elegant feel, traditional ceiling lights look fantastic. Drench have a range of bathroom lights, including this Arcade Oval Base Light with a chiffon silver shade. This wall light epitomises perfect bathroom accessorising for us, offering a modern twist on a traditional design to create a cosy and inviting environment for very little cost.


A dimmer switch is, in our opinion, an essential bathroom accessory thanks to its ability to totally transform the atmosphere. Turn the lights up to wake you up in the morning (if you can bear to) and dim them later on in the evening to provide a serene and relaxing environment to settle down in for a bath or pamper.

Show-Stopping Bathroom Furniture

We’re certainly not advocating going all out with designer furniture - in fact, we’re not even sure that furniture counts as a ‘bathroom accessory’. However, just a couple of key pieces can add a personal touch to your bathroom - especially if you go for something a little different. Get creative with your storage, perhaps using a tier of wicker baskets or even a ladder. Pinterest is a wonderful source of inspiration, it’s bound to give you ideas for some quirky storage pieces.

Small Statement Pieces and Details

When it comes to accessorising your bathroom, it really is all about the small things. Inexpensive but elegant pieces can add a touch of style to your bathroom - anything from toilet roll holders to soap dishes! Toilet roll holders are the perfect example of how even something that seems basic can add a touch of style to your bathroom.

The same can be said for so many bathroom accessories which we often brush off as boring essentials. In fact, spending some time choosing these can do more for your bathroom than item after item of expensive furniture, and cost a fraction of the price. The Drench Boutique Hotel range has a huge array of smaller statement pieces to suit a range of bathroom styles. 

We hope this post has shown you that accessorising your bathroom is one of the best ways to put your own touch on an occasionally impersonal room. While following bathroom trends is a great way to ensure your bathroom stays stylish year after year; when it comes to bathroom accessories, we love to see a bit of creativity to make your bathroom stand out. Whether you invest in a freestanding Victorian bathtub or decorate with a range of copper bathroom accessories, there is no limit when it comes to accessorising your bathroom and even a couple of smaller items can add some extra style to the room.

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