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Our Favourite Double Ended Baths

What is a Double Ended Bath?

Traditional single ended baths will most likely feature a tap and waste at one end of the bath. Naturally, your head goes at the other end of the bath, where the tub shape will feature a gentle incline for your comfort. 

Now, the double ended bath features a tap and waste in the middle of one length of the bathtub. Each end of the bath is then gently sloped so that you can, if you wish, comfortably fit two people into the bath at the same time. It is also a wonderful option for those less vertically challenged of us, and those who just enjoy a stretched out soak.

Double ended baths are great for everyone! From couples looking to relax together after a long day at work to bath time with the kids, double ended baths provide much more freedom when it comes to bathing at home. They also open a world of wonderful interior possibilities when it comes to designing your new bathroom. Master bathrooms designed with opulence in mind would do well to feature a double ended bath, as would the main bathroom in a household with plenty of young children.

At Drench, we love double ended baths. And we are sure, after this foray into some of the best double ended baths out there, that you will love them too.

ArmourCast Bloque Double Ended Bath

First up in our foray into double ended baths is this Bloque masterpiece by ArmourCast.

ArmourCast have created a classic in this double ended bath design, combining quality and value in a 7-layered, reinforced fibreglass acrylic Lucite construction 100% handmade in the UK and featuring ArmourCast’s reliable 25 year manufacturer guarantee. 

Whether you opt for the 1700 x 750mm or even more spacious 1800 x 800mm Bloque, you enjoy the same exquisite, heat retaining double ended bathing experience. Perfect for stretching out and sharing alike, the Bloque is one of the strongest tubs of any design you’ll find, with a style that is every bit as formidable.

Noah Curve Double Ended Bath

Next up, we bring you the Curve double ended bath by Noah, a fantastically affordable double ended bath that does not scrimp whatsoever on quality. 

Its attractive squared-edge design features a lightweight yet tough 4mm acrylic construction that, for a small extra cost, can come in a reinforced option for even more fantastic heat retention – up to 30 minutes longer than its standard heat retention capabilities! 

The Noah comes with an easy-use leg pack, works great with bath screens and features Noah’s 5 year manufacturer guarantee for your peace of mind.

ArmourCast Wave Eco Double Ended Bath

Onto a second serving from ArmourCast and this is their Wave Eco Double Ended Bath.

Here we see ArmourCast’s attractive and ergonomic wave design supported in the same 7-layer bombproof construction detailed in our review of the Bloque double ended bath above. It also comes with a leg pack should you wish to install your Wave double ended bath above floor level. And why wouldn’t you when raised baths look so stylish?

Like the Bloque, its composition makes it one of the world’s strongest baths, offering a 175 litre max capacity and backed up by ArmourCast’s 25 year manufacturer guarantee. When you equip your home with an ArmourCast double ended bath, you know you are investing in a bath for life. 

Burlington London Back to Wall Bath with Curved Surround, Overflow and Waste

And now, we welcome this remarkable double end bath offering by Burlington. With the traditional bath design of their London double ended tub, Burlington harkens back to times of old and does those times a great justice.

Available in matte white, sand, dark olive or classic grey, Burlington’s London features a back to wall design that means it runs flush against any one of your bathroom walls, and features an impressively stretched 1800 x 950mm bathing arena. 

Constructed of Lucite acrylic for the highest quality finish, the Burlington London features a curved bath surround made from HDP Polymer for a totally waterproof bath base and prevention against water damaged floors. It comes with Burlington’s own overflow and fitted waste and is equipped with a reassuring 10 year manufacturer guarantee.

Note that the Burlington London does not feature tap holes and that tap holes cannot be drilled into the double ended bath body itself but can be drilled into the included curved surround.

Cleargreen Enviro Double Ended Bath - 1700 & 1800mm

Our final double ended bath of today is this wonderfully utilitarian Enviro built by new school bath experts, Cleargreen. This environmentally conscious company has been making waves in the home bathroom scene for all the right reasons, and the Enviro double ended bath is one of their strongest statement pieces.

Slick and simple in its white rectangular design, the Enviro is made using 30% recycled materials while its steel rod skeleton ensures it remains one of the strongest double ended baths you will find in your search. Cleargreen’s unique composition also ensures that the Enviro holds heat for 30 minutes longer than standard baths, a claim they stand by and our customers have never reputed.

The Cleargreen Enviro comes in four different sizes from 1700 x 700mm to 1800 x 800mm so you can stretch out and share as much as you like. If you would like a double ended bath that takes an ethical approach to providing you with luxurious bathing, the Enviro is a sure frontrunner. It also comes supported by Cleargreen’s 10 year manufacturer guarantee.

Full Range of Double Ended Baths

We hope you have enjoyed the Drench team’s favourite double ended baths. Whether you want to share your bathing time or simply wish to stretch your legs in a longer tub, a double ended bath is a fantastic addition to your home and certainly makes a great focal point thanks to its significant presence and sleek lines. 

Head over to Drench’s full range of double ended baths to check out many more wonderful options that you may opt for in your double ended bath search. We’ll see you over there. 


Here to Help

Every member of the Drench team is a home bathroom expert who loves nothing more than to share their incredible knowledge with you. So whether you have a query about the double ended baths we have shared with you today or a question on absolutely anything else in the world of home bathrooms, please do not hesitate to reach out.

You can get in touch for friendly, free and unbiased support here. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you out. 

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