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The UK's Top Instagrammable Restaurant Bathrooms

Although good food is paramount to a restaurant, the decor, atmosphere and even the restrooms are equally as important! From urinals with a view to a maze of mirrors, here are our top wackiest, most Instagram & TikTok worthy restaurant bathrooms in the UK.

1. Futuristic Pods, Sketch

The futuristic toilets in Sketch, Mayfair certainly are the most interesting looking cubicles we’ve seen for a while! Sketch serves Michelin-star food in an artistic atmosphere, with their ethos being to combine art and music with food. The restaurant is the creation of restaurateur Mourad Mazouz and chef Pierre Gagnaire and the striking design deems it the most popular dining spots in London.

The restroom has a feature ceiling consisting of colour-changing LEDs and egg shaped pods that are actually functioning toilet cubicles. What’s more, the pods are customised depending on the time of year, being wrapped in ribbons for Christmas and surrounded by hearts and petals for Valentine's Day. 

2. Hall of Mirrors, Nopi Restaurant

In the heart of Soho lies one of Ottolenghi's restaurants, which is a popular destination for modern dining and has an atmosphere to take your breath away. Even though the toilets are small, they have been designed with excellence by architect Alex Meitlis.

The bathrooms consist of a hall of mirrors, all set at different angles which makes for a mind-bending, confusing toilet experience to say the least! It’s probably best to avoid visiting these bathrooms after one too many martinis...

3. London Skyline, Aqua-Shard

You can’t beat a loo with a view. The gents toilets in the Aqua-Shard restaurant reveal a breath-taking view of the London skyline with the London Eye & the Gherkin in shot, thanks to the restaurant being situated on the 32nd floor of The Shard.

The large windows, ambient lighting and dramatic, feature floor give this bathroom a contemporary aesthetic and one that’s not for the faint hearted. This is definitely an apt spot for a toilet selfie.

4. Disco Loo, Balthazar Restaurant

Ok, so this location might not technically be in the UK, but it’s close enough! In the heart of Guernsey lies this fun-loving restaurant featuring a ‘disco loo’ which has reached TikTok fame. Having this button makes all the difference in this bathroom, and you could definitely spend a bit of time in boogying to various dance classics.

Polly Shearer, interior expert at Drench suggests “Bathrooms shouldn’t just be a necessity for restaurants, but an opportunity to experiment with design, functionality and add a touch of fun! The best bathrooms get people talking, and the boogie button in the Balthazar Restaurant is definitely a reason to go and visit.”

5. Art Deco Luxury, The Crazy Bear

The Crazy Bear group is known for its elaborate design and lavish, art deco inspired rooms. The signature copper baths and moody decor are pivotal to the interiors at the many branches, and the restrooms in this Beaconsfield spot are definitely a highlight.

Similar to the mirror hall in Nopi, these toilets feature plenty of mirrors which create a glittery and gleaming aesthetic, all fit with a feature floor which adds more drama to the space.

6. Tropical Vibes, Restaurant Ours

Restaurant Ours in South Kensington not only has wonderful food, cocktails and events, but the restaurants are something to be admired also. Palm tree wallpaper covers the bathroom ceiling and walls, which perfectly complements the baby pink mosaic tiles.

And if that wasn’t enough, the restaurant also features acrobatics to give you a live performance whilst you dine! What’s not to love?

7. Trumpet Urinals, The Bell in Ticehurst

Situated in East Sussex, The Bell in Ticehurst features some interesting urinals which are pretty out there. We’re in awe of how these urinals even work, but it makes for a pretty cool toilet experience.

The restaurant is a quirky, award winning 16th century inn which is a popular venue for small weddings, events and also has some great food. If you look closely you can also see that the wallpaper is sheet music, which is a nice, playful touch. This makes us wonder what the ladies toilets look like...

Having interesting bathrooms can bring more social media coverage and in turn, more custom to your restaurant! Have you got any more locations that you think could make this list?

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