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Steampunk Bathrooms - Traditional Styling Meets Weird Science

Steampunk is a sub-genre of science fiction that typically featured  steam-powered machinery. It lends itself well to bathroom design due the use of copper pipework which is functional and decorative in this setting...

The unique style of steampunk bathrooms deflects fantasy along with speculative fiction which came into prominence as early as in the early 1980’s to early 1990’s. Even the simplest form of  steampunk bathroom looks like something that Albert Einstein could have created, a sort of mad scientist environment. Your plumber will need to be a dab hand with their pipe benders to achieve this look!


Steampunk Bathroom Ideas

The Steampunk bathroom integrates art elements with not only architecture but the utilisation of the space available, using plumbing and lighting as an opportunity to create sculptural design. Bathrooms are functional in nature and the Steampunk style bathroom plays up to this. Exposed brass and copper plumbing with exaggerated mechanical style taps and a high level toilet with a chain are ideal for implementing this look.

The stunning Steampunk bathroom above, features a copper plated basin mixer, basin and ½ winding exposed copper pipework in reduced bores.  The trend nowadays is for pipes to be concealed. However, a steampunk bathroom works best with the plumbing all left visible. It’s best to consult with your plumber in order to come up with a creative plan for your pipes, working them into the steampunk decoration of the room. The above steampunk bathroom exposed pipework was designed by Architect Andre Rothblatt.


The dark colour scheme gives this beautiful bathroom depth, however the copper piping gives the bathroom a rich feeling and adds an element of warmth and the exposed copper pipes set against the black brick creates an attractive focal point.

Copper as a property has many benefits such as antibacterial properties, the ability to retain heat and it also has the ability to heal itself. Any scratches in copper over time change to a darker colour and will eventually blend with the patina. Many tap manufacturers such as Perrin & Rowe and Cifial offer a collection of traditional brass and copper plated bathroom taps that combine timeless classical styling with engineering excellence.

Drench offer an extensive range of traditional bathroom suites, and fittings including traditional taps, freestanding baths and traditional style toilets that are ideal for creating the perfect Steampunk themed bathroom.

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