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How To Use Colour To Brighten Up A White Bathroom

By installing a white bathroom into your home you can be sure of two things – 1. Your bathroom will not age over time and will still maintain its classic look even 10 years from now and 2. When, or if, you come to sell your house, whoever buys it will not be put off by an avocado bathroom suite and the cost of replacing said bathroom.

A white bathroom has become a staple in virtually every household over the past decade. Not only will a white bathroom look fresh and classic but it will also provide a blank canvas on which you can create your dream bathroom. However, if the clean white minimalist look isn’t your thing and you feel like you still need a little colour in your life, then there are many ways to add colour and brighten up your white bathroom.


Bathroom Tiling

Whilst white and neutral tiles are still the most popular choice of bathroom tiling, if you wish to make a colour statement within your bathroom the tiling will have the greatest overall effect and first impression. If you want to add touches of colour to a white or neutral tiled wall then why not consider replacing a small amount of tiles, adding a coloured or patterned tile to insert detail here and there in a coordinated way for effect.



Bathroom Wallpaper and Paint

If you are under the impression that wallpaper is unsuitable for the bathroom environment then think again. Moisture-resistant bathroom wallpapers are now available to buy, both in classic designs and more flamboyant ones too, should you wish to make a bold statement. Similarly, painting your bathroom walls with specialist bathroom paint is a cost effective way to update and give your bathroom a mini-makeover.



Towels and Bathroom Accessories

A quick, easy and relatively inexpensive way of giving your bathroom a fresh new look and change of colour is by placing colourful or patterned towels and bathroom accessories to give accents of colour and design. From towels to toothbrush holders and soap dispensers to storage, the accessories that you place in your bathroom can give an overall addition of colour within an otherwise white environment. Items such as these fulfil a practical need as well as being an aesthetically pleasing and effective way of layering single or multiple colours throughout the room.


Depending on your chosen style of interior decoration, adding charming touches such as framed pictures, rugs and pieces of art can give your white bathroom a look that is unique to your home. Using one-off decorative or functional pieces to give your bathroom accents of personality is a stylish way to give your home a unique feel. Using reclaimed decorations or furniture is on trend at the moment, with people both wishing to spend less and find one-off pieces that they can re-purpose, recycle and re-use.



Find your style

Your bathroom has the potential to offer more than just a practical function within your home, it can and should be a continuation of the style already displayed in other rooms in your home. Whatever your bathroom style, ranging from clean white minimalist to ornamental antique or traditional, you can use colour and design to complement a simple white bathroom. Whatever style you decide on, have fun with it and remember that even the smallest of details can have a big impact. So go ahead and create the bathroom you have always dreamt of. When it comes to adding colour to your white bathroom, small but effective changes can be made on every budget.

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