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Wall-Hung Toilets: A Complete Guide

Wall-hung toilets are an increasingly common sight in Britain's bathrooms. They are so-named because the pan itself literally hangs off the wall, leaving space underneath for easy cleaning access.

They have a number of distinct advantages over a more conventional toilet which we will look at in detail, but as with all the most impressive feats of architecture and design, there are a number of considerations to take into account before diving straight in and purchasing one.




Cleaning Accessibility

Perhaps the most obvious advantage of the wall-hung toilet pan is down to the fact it hovers several inches off the floor. This allows you to easily clean around and underneath it. Unlike with a more conventional toilet style, there are no nooks and crannies for dust and dirt to get trapped in, no sealant holding it to the floor to discolour over time, and pretty much no hard-to-reach areas.


Superior Use of Space

Wall hung toilets are a great space-saver. Without the extra bulk of a visible cistern sitting on the pan they take up much less space in the bathroom, and can be placed closer to furniture, shower enclosures, or whatever else you are planning for your bathroom.

You do of course have to account for the space needed to conceal the hidden cistern and frame, but clever planning, use of stud walls and the latest compact designs means that overall, wall-mounted toilets are an excellent option for smaller spaces.

And it's not just the physical space they save. The fact that they are not sitting on the floor creates the illusion of a more spacious bathroom, with less clutter taking up floor space.


Wow-Factor & Style

Whilst taste is very much a subjective thing, most people are at the very least intrigued if not impressed by a toilet floating off the wall. They are certainly popular, but not prevalent enough to have become the norm in modern bathrooms, so a stylish wall-mounted toilet combined with a beautiful bathroom design always impresses.


How Do Wall Hung Toilets Work?

Wall hung toilets are supported by a frame that is mounted within your wall. The wall hung toilet is then mounted on this frame which allows it to 'hang' off the wall without anything supporting the base.



How High Should A Wall Hung Toilet Be?

Wall hung toilets have some flexibility in their height. There isn't a specific height that you have to install your wall hung toilet at but it should be high enough to be comfortable for you and the other people who will be using it.

Sometimes people will measure the height of their current toilet (if it's comfortable) to help determine how to hang their wall hung toilet.


How Much Do Wall-Hung Toilets Cost?

If we go back just 5 years or so, wall-mounted toilets were very expensive. In fact, bathrooms in general were more expensive, but in recent times wall-hung toilets have really dropped in price as the choice and availability has skyrocketed.

Nowadays, a stylish wall-hung toilet can cost as little as £120. The hidden frame and cistern required to support the toilet then adds another £150-£250, depending on whether you opt for a decent quality budget brand, or something more top-of-the-line. So the overall cost of the actual parts is a little higher than a standard close-coupled toilet, but certainly not out of reach for those looking to invest in a stylish bathroom they can be proud of for years to come.

Don't forget to take into account the extra cost of installation. If you intend to pick a jack-of-all-trades handyman or install it yourself, you will inevitably run into problems. If you are serious about going wall-hung, make sure you have a good bathroom fitter who has experience installing these toilets. It might be a cliche, but you get what you pay for, and the cheapest installation quote is rarely value-for-money.


Dealing With Wall Hung Toilet Problems

We've all had a problem with our toilet at some point. Usually, you can lift off the cistern lid and access the internals. But how do you do this with a wall-hung toilet? Do you have to rip off your tiles to get access?

If that was the case, we wouldn't even bother recommending them in the first place. A well-designed bathroom needs to be easy to maintain. This is where the rectangular flush plate comes in. These plates very simply lift off and provide all the access you will ever need to the concealed cistern behind.


Wall Mounted Toilet Weight Limit

A properly installed frame and wall hung toilet combination should comfortably support 200kg (30 stone) or more. If you're of a stocky build we don't recommend that you 'drop' down on it heavily but in all our years as a bathroom retailer we have never heard of a wall-hung toilet breaking off from the wall, or pulling down the entire stud wall.

Again, it stands to reason that you be selective with your choice of bathroom installer. An experienced plumber will know exactly how to install the toilet so it safely stands the test of time.


If you were considering a wall-mounted toilet, hopefully this article has helped you make up your mind one way or the other. Ready to start shopping? You'll find our selection of wall-mounted toilets here, and the mounting frames are located here.

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