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The Best Small Baths for Little Bathrooms

There’s not much better than a hot bath after a stressful day at work, but if space in your bathroom is at a premium, you may feel as though as bath is out of the question - and let’s face it, a candlelit shower with a good book and a glass of wine simply isn’t the same! But just because your bathroom is smaller doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the ultimate bathroom luxury. We’ve got a huge range of small bathtubs - and the best news is that they’ll have your bathroom looking just as stylish and luxurious as any other room in the house.

Small Bathtubs for Tight Spaces

Bathtubs for tight spaces are smaller than traditional baths and while you may think of this as a negative, the result is often quite surprising.

These baths still provide ample space to stretch out, and the compact designs are beautifully stylish and modern. Our smaller bathtubs can fit neatly into awkward spaces. This means no matter how funky the shape of your bathroom - you’re still able to enjoy a hot bath at the end of a long day! 

Let’s take a look at the best small bathtubs for tight spaces. 

Sienna Space Saver Shower Bath with Front Panel & Screen

The Sienna Space Saver Shower Bath is another small bathtub well deserving of a mention. This bath is fantastic value for money, with the bath, shower screen and front panel included so you have a choice each day.

The angular design and sleek white finish make this one of the most stylish bathtubs for small space on the market. It’s suitable for either left or right hand orientation so it’ll fit any awkward bathroom shape, and it’s made from high quality Lucite acrylic with a baseboard for extra rigidity. The shower screen is made from 6mm toughened glass making it safe for the whole family.  

Still not convinced? This gorgeous bath comes with a lifetime guarantee - now that’s reliability! 

Burlington Admiral Small Freestanding Roll Top Bath

For fans of traditional bathroom decor, the Burlington Admiral Freestanding Roll Top Bath is perfect. This gorgeous roll top bath offers a period look, with a luxurious design that looks as at home in Buckingham Palace as it does in your family bathroom! With the gradual upward sloping sides at both ends, this contains ample space for you to stretch out, relax and get lost in a great book.

Available in 2 separate sizes, this small freestanding bath is ideal if you lack space. It’s expertly crafted from Lucite Acrylic so it’ll be a part of your bathroom for years to come. It’s incredibly strong and durable, while the heat retention properties will keep you warmer for longer so there’s no need to keep topping up the hot water. 

If you want it to stand out even more and fancy a pop of colour, this bath can be easily painted. Or pair with a floor standing or wall mounted bath mixer tap for a traditional look that’ll wow anyone and everyone. It comes with a 10 year guarantee. 

Eastbrook Quantum Space Saving Bathtub with Front Panel

If you love the look of these baths but think we may not have grasped how small your bathroom actually is, look no further. Yes, small freestanding baths are gorgeous, but you still need some space, and if your bathroom closer resembles an airing cupboard than an actual bathroom, you’ll need an extra small bathtub. 

The Eastbrook Quantum Space Saver Bath is specifically designed for those teeny tiny bathrooms. This fits into any awkward corner to utilise as much untouched space as possible. It’s the Mary Poppins’ bag of bathtubs, with the innovative shape morphing around the natural resting shape of a person to guarantee comfort and space, despite the small size. 

Thanks to the wider end, this bath is also suitable for showering. It comes complete with a handy front panel to contain splashes. Like all Eastbrook baths, this is fantastic quality and comes with a 20 year guarantee for extra reassurance. 

Armourcast Bloque Small Single Ended Bathtub

The Armourcast Bloque Small Single Ended Bath is a cosy and compact bathtub that’s perfect for small spaces. Constructed from Lucite acrylic which traps heat and feels warm to the touch, this bath is the only friend you’ll need on those chilly winter’s evenings, and it’ll last you a good few winters thanks to the 7 layers of fiberglass reinforcement. 

With strong, defined lines and an eye catching square shape, this small bathtub is perfect for minimalist bathrooms that lack space. For a modern look you’ll love, pair with a square shaped bath tap. There’s ample room to stretch out and relax, and it comes with a 25 year manufacturer’s guarantee. 

BC Designs Slipp Small Freestanding Bathtub

The BC Designs Slipp Freestanding Bath is one of our more expensive bathtubs for small spaces, but a look like this certainly doesn’t come cheap. This elegant curved slipper design rises to form a comfortable slope allowing you to sink down into the bubbles after a long day. The economic design will save space while keeping you comfortable and your bathroom looking gorgeous. 

With double skinned acrylic for excellent heat retention, you’ll never want to get out of this bath. There’s no visible seams and it looks stunning in both modern and contemporary bathrooms. Finally, it’s easy to maintain and clean, with the glossy white finish staying bright for years to come. The 10 year manufacturer’s guarantee is a testament to its unbeatable quality. 

Full Range of Small Bathtubs

Just because you’ve got less space to work with certainly doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on luxury. Our range of small bathtubs allow you to have your cake and eat it - with ample room for you to stretch out and relax, while the unique and innovative shapes ensure no floor space is wasted. 

If none of the above tickle your fancy, we’ve got a huge range of small baths just waiting to be snapped up. Check out our full range of space saving bathtubs right here

As always, our friendly team at Drench are on hand to answer any questions you might have. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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