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Explained: The Rise of the Bath-less Bathroom

This week we will be exploring just how much how time have changed what we expect of bathrooms. There is a growing trend towards the bathless bathroom and like you, we want to know why…

We will be diving deep into this mystery of just why people nowadays are more likely to have a shower in their bathroom than a bath – often regardless of bathroom size!

So, let’s get started in unravelling this mystery.

What is Going On?

Generally speaking, the average homeowner is becoming much more interested in home design and focusing on implementing this at a more practical level. Showers have only really become popular and a common bathroom feature since the late 20th century. This may be surprising but it is entirely true.

Before then, baths were a staple feature in most houses, but times have changed and showers have taken over. There are several interesting but altogether simple reasons behind this so let’s see just what these may be as we explore the world of bathrooms without a bath.



Why Skip Out on the Tub?

There are plenty of reasons to skip out on installing a bathtub. Property is becoming less readily available and affordable than in previous years, whilst houses space is becoming limited. We live in a time when maximising available space in a home is highly important and people just don’t have the room for a bath. Showers take up much less room than your average bath and that is why they have taken over as the staple feature in almost every home!

Most of us live a fast paced lifestyle in which time is money. We find ourselves rushing around to take the kids to school and get into work on time so we can earn a living. Every minute saved during our morning routine is another minute we can spend relaxing in bed pressing snooze (don’t pretend you haven’t done it!).

Jumping into the shower is just so convenient. Flick it on, wait a moment and jump in – within five minutes you are ready to face your daily challenges, washed and fresh. If you are quick, showers are much more water efficient than baths too, so it’s also a big win when it comes to paying the bills.

Don’t get us wrong, the team here at Drench love to bathe too, and most of the team have one at home – though by the smell of some of them, we’re not sure if they do. But we must confess, we tend to use the shower more often!

As taking baths is becoming less popular for a multitude of reasons, we are going to totally embrace this in today’s blog post and let you know about some of the stunning showers we have available. We don’t judge any bath-lovers out there, we love a bath too – promise!

What about Washing the Kids or Dogs?

You may be thinking that we at Drench are living on another planet, that we can’t have had the responsibility of looking after kids and dogs. Your bath may well be priceless when it comes to cleaning these animals (and the dogs!).

But what if we were to tell you that you don’t actually need a bath to bathe your children or animals in your new bathroom?

Instead, you can get a walk-in shower or wet room that is perfect for this. If you are now thinking that you don’t want to get wet in a walk-in shower or wet room when bathing the dog, then we have you covered. That is what having both a shower head above and additional removable handset shower head below was designed for!

Take a look at this stunning Harbour Status Concealed Shower Set and imagine your puppy or kids getting washed by this perfectly designed contemporary walk-in shower. The Harbour Status set is top quality in terms of look, feel and design. It’s sure to add a stylish look to any bathroom space. This set comes with everything you need to get going and is one of our best sellers. The main shower head comes in either a 200mm or 300mm choice, so you can choose whichever meets your needs best. This set works wonders for any contemporary walk-in shower or wet room and has an additional handset and hose for washing dogs, kids and whatever else you feel needs a wash!

The Digital Age: Can a Bath do this?

The future is here, ladies and gentlemen! Digital showers have landed and they are ready to take over your bathroom!

The top class modern day features of showers really are impressive. Gone are the days of jumping into the shower to find it is either too hot or too cold, then finally finding that sweet spot only for it to heat up all of a sudden and catch you off-guard!

With features like this you won’t turn back! The valve remembers your preferred shower water temperature and can be controlled externally, so you can step in when the water is just right. You can also tell with confidence that the water is at the correct temperature because the LED lights change to notify you it’s time to get in!

This shower valve is not a one trick pony – the valve has other useful qualities such as a self-cleaning mode and automatic shut-off if the water supply is ever disrupted. This fitting is WRAS approved and comes with a 5-year manufacturer guarantee so you can keep your shower modern going into the future.

Be sure the remote does not get into the wrong hands – especially if your kids are practical jokers!

The Beauty of Simplicity

If you need any more convincing that showers are the way forward (which is unlikely!) then take a look at some of our favourite shower items here at Drench. We do love a bath, we promise, but today it’s all about showers!

Here to Help!

If you need any more help or advice on whether you should install a shower or bath in your new bathroom and which would suit your needs best, please be sure to get in contact. We will guide you through the buying process and give you all the top tips you could possibly need to make choosing your new shower or bathroom fitting as smooth as possible.

Our sales and customer service team are on hand to answer any questions you can throw at them. You can reach out to us here and will get back to you as fast as we can!

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