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Adding Patterned Tiles to Your Bathroom

If there’s one thing that’ll liven up your bathroom it’s patterned tiles. And if there’s one thing that’s seriously easy to get wrong in the bathroom, it’s patterned tiles! Extravagant floor tiles can clash with other elements of the bathroom, and even those with the best eye for patterns and colours can be left scratching their heads as ‘it just doesn’t look right’.

Luckily, Instagram isn’t just useful for posting pictures of your breakfast and stories of your dog. There’s an enormous range of interior design Instagram pages, and we’ve put together our favourite images and accounts featuring bathroom patterned wall tiles to get you inspired. 

Think that patterned tiles is exactly what your bathroom’s been missing? Let’s take a look at some of our favourite designs.


Blues & Blacks

If monochrome and modern is your jam, check out this gorgeous look by @at_lucys_house. This boutique look is perfectly completed by the stunning feature wall. We love the pop of colour, the heavily tiled wall in a stunning pattern, countered by the sleek white herringbone tiling. 

The matt black wall mounted tapware and just the right amount of greenery adds to the wow factor. While black and blue tiles aren’t exactly garish anyway, this gorgeous bathroom shows how just one feature wall coupled with more subtle pieces can have a serious impact. 



This breathtaking bathroom from @oxfordone features a totally wild and wacky combination of colours, but we’re here for it! If you’re up to date with what’s hot in bathrooms you’ll know that bringing the outside in is, well, in!

Whether it’s greenery from your marginally OTT collection of houseplants or some gorgeous green patterned tiles, giving your bathroom that rainforest feel will make it the most peaceful room in the house. Pink, green and gold are a combo that we love anyway, but the gorgeous tiling completes the look and opens up the space. 

Another green and gold combo that gives us all the bathroom feels is this boutique look by @divinesavages.

The classic green and gold look works beautifully in this period design, with the statement wallpaper and deep green tiling coming together for a busy look that just works. Using tiling to break up a large wallpapered space works perfectly both in keeping the look from being too OTT, while also protecting the areas most likely to get splashback. Note the stunning gold taps and trim around the mirror.

For a botanical look, this gorgeous set up by @finlay_fox is our inspiration.

Dark woods and greens are the perfect pairing, and the minimalist look of the simple subway tiling pairs perfectly with the exotic floor patterns. This is one of the best ways to add some bathroom pizazz without overdoing it, as the simple wall tiles keep the bathroom open and bright, while the patterned bathroom floor tiles add a little rustic look. 

Our finally contender for green patterned tiles is this statement look by @houzzuk.

The minty green colour of the tiles brightens the bathroom while the vertical orientation offers an unusual spin on traditional bathroom tiling. It elongates the room vertically making it appear bigger, while brighter tiles are a guaranteed way to open up the space. The perfect patterned tiles inspiration for smaller bathrooms.


Golds & Backs

For the serious wow factor, check out @gold_is_a_neutral’s simply stunning bathroom.

Jess uses black and white patterned tiles, coupled with gold accessories to put a unique spin on the monochrome look. The size of the tiles are perfect as too small can have the bathroom looking busy, while too large will lessen the impact. The tiling reflects off the golden bath and vanity unit beautifully, while the solid colour wall and marble shower enclosure perfectly compliment the patterns.

Check out this look by @jeanstofferdesign for a more classic and subtle look.

The herringbone wall tiling brings some serious class, while the floor tiling adds an extra pizzazz, The border works perfectly with the minimalist white vanity unit which stops the bathroom looking too busy, while the gold accessories matches the patterned tiles perfectly. 

If you’re not a fan of understated, this look by @jennieclingan will get you inspired.

Patterned tiles on both the floor and walls is a tricky one to pull off, but Jennie absolutely nails it. Paired with subtle, minimalistic furniture such as the lightwood vanity unit, double sink and mirror space, this extravagant look absolutely works. The gold lighting and tapware is the cherry on top.

Finally, there’s this gorgeous wall by @luxemagazine.

This look uses the classic technique of pairing a statement wall with simple white tiling elsewhere. It’s one of the best ways to add patterned tiles to your bathroom without going overboard, and the almost floral monochrome tiling works wonders with the golden brassware and grey vanity unit. A serious treat for the eyes!



This jaw dropping combination of pink, matt black brassware and a statement monochrome tile won’t be for everyone, but it’s a look we seriously love.

@dropitmod has absolutely nailed it, with the patterned tiles combining beautifully with the more subtle elements. The monochrome tiles make the statement, while the pink tiling brightens and opens up the room. What a look!


Subtlety is Key

Beautiful tiles don’t have to be garish, and this is one example of something more subtle.

@surface_studio has paired simple pastel tiles with antique brassware - check out the captivating crosshead wall mounted tap handles and sleek brushed spout. The tiles don’t distract from these gorgeous pieces, making it one of our favourite bathroom looks. 

Make a statement with the Xana bath and partial tiling on the wall, just like this.

Honeycomb tiling looks mesmerising no matter what it’s paired with, but the different marbles and patterns compliment the silver bath perfectly and don’t distract from its beauty. The subtle and minimalist grey wall only adds to the overall picture. A look that should inspire us all!


The Big Picture

Of course, the perfect patterned bathroom tiles might be easy to find, but completing the look just as we’ve shown can be a little trickier. We’re here to help with our free 3D design consultation, or if you’re tech-savvy and fancy seeing your dream bathroom in real life, we have VR design coming very soon, so watch this space! If you simply can’t wait or have any questions about our products, please feel free to contact us

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