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Loft Conversion Showers: Fitting an Enclosure Under a Sloping Ceiling

In recent years, bathroom loft conversions have become an increasingly popular way to add extra space and value to the home.  However, it can be a tricky process to install a shower enclosure in an attic bathroom because of the sloping angles and limited ceiling height. 

We are authorised UK retailers of several shower brands that offer bespoke shower doors. Typically there are 2 main types - reduced height, and angled cuts. Reduced height doors aren't that much more expensive than a standard shower door. Angled glass doors are an excellent solution in certain installation, but they do tend to cost a little more. We'd be happy to give you an idea of options and costs - just get in touch.

Bespoke Shower Enclosures

The average shower enclosure measures about 2 metres in height including tray, so naturally if you have a lot of sloping ceilings in the corners of your loft or attic, this limits the places in which you can situate your shower enclosure. Many people compromise by squeezing in a tiny enclosure and losing the chance of using all the wasted space under the eaves.


The problem can be overcome by installing a bespoke shower enclosure that has been manufactured to meet the precise angles and height of your ceiling.

The end result is a beautifully stylish shower enclosure that actually makes the most out of the space in your bathroom and is individually tailored to your room.

Getting Bespoke Shower Glass at Drench

Here at Drench we can source bespoke shower glass in virtually any size - this can be either framed or frame-less too depending on your preference. We understand the struggle of finding truly stylish shower glass that fits in with an awkward or small space, which is why we're thrilled that even shower screens like our matt black frame and smoked glass panels, or our mesmerising pale gold frames too!

Just to impress you even more, we also offer a home measure and home installation through a third party to make your life as hassle-free as possible.

If you're interested in getting your hands on some bespoke shower glass with Drench, get in touch with our team and they'll be sure to pull a very reasonable quote together for you and help you close the case of the impossible shower glass forever!

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