An Easy Guide to the Different Types of Basin Waste

Welcome to the Drench blog, where this week we will be providing a guide to the many different types of basin waste available when working on your home’s sinks.

Basin wastes, or sink wastes as many also call them, are an often overlooked yet always important component when redoing any bathroom. This basin waste guide will take you through the details of basin types and reveal every dearly named waste design including click clack, flip top, pop-up, and the classic plug and chain option.

And unlike basin wastes themselves, this guide is a one-size-fits-all! So, let’s get (basin) wasted.


What is a Basin Waste?

The waste of a basin is a channel designed to enable water in your basin to run off safely, regardless of the sink’s design.

In the same way that the basin waste enables safe run-off, a basin waste also enables you to block the pipes temporarily (and intentionally) and fill your basin with water.

Determining what type of basin waste you require all depends on whether or not your basin has an overflow.


Hang on, What’s a Basin Overflow?

Now, every sink or basin will either have or not have an overflow. The sink or basin overflow is a small hole located near the rim of the sink that enables water to be drained away before any flooding can occur.

With this knowledge, you can determine which basin waste is right for you.


Choosing the Right Basin Waste for Your Bathroom

Now everyone is up to speed on basin wastes and sink overflows, let’s determine the right kind of basin waste for your project.


Slotted vs. Unslotted Basin Wastes


Slotted and Unslotted are the two main fields of basin waste.

The slot enables water that has passed the threshold of the basin’s overflow to flow safely back into the basin waste pipe. If an unslotted option is used, the water cannot be diverted safely.

Now, if your sink has an overflow, you will require a slotted basin waste. The Vellamo Rose Gold Slotted Click Clack Basin Waste is a great example, featuring a stunning coloured finish and 25 year manufacturer guarantee at just £19.99.

And if your sink has no overflow, you will require an unslotted basin waste such as Pura’s Unslotted Basin Flip Waste. This will put you back just £11.99 while providing a full brass build, chrome plated finish and 10 year manufacturer guarantee.

Often, you will see bathroom sinks featuring an overflow whereas kitchen sinks and other basins do not offer an overflow.

Selecting the wrong basin waste can cause irreparable damage to your sink so it is crucial you correctly determine the type needed. It can also leave you at serious risk of flooding in a moment of oversight by anyone using your sink.

Now when it comes to selecting the best basin waste, what do you do?


The Different Types of Basin Waste

 There’s quite a few different types of basin waste available to you. Each will be familiar – some more than others – and each has unique styling and functional properties that justify their availability to bathroom renovators.

Some of them also have funny names, as you will see, which makes them easier to differentiate and remember.


Click Clack

Arguably the most popular basin waste style currently available, the click clack basin waste has many names; clicker, push button and sprung plug waste to name a few. Click clacks – as we affectionately know them – are as useful as their name is memorable.

Simply push down the stopper once to close the click clack, and push again to open once more. See how long you can go without saying “click clack” as you do it – a rite of passage of sorts for many a DIY bathroom renovator.

Stand-out click clack wastes at Drench include the Crosswater Odour-Free Unslotted Click Clack Basin Waste, which at just £49.00 is made from solid brass with a proven sealed design preventing nasty smells coming back up through your waste.

And of course, our very own Drench Easy Clean Basin Click Waste. At just £19.99, this is a great example of the click clack and features the same lifetime guarantee as our entire product range.


Flip Top


Next up, the flip top basin waste. In these designs you will note there is a disc-shaped stopper that is rotated, flipped or otherwise repositioned to either completely seal or reveal the drain.

The flip top is a highly fashionable basin waste option as it can be incorporated easily into modern, minimal designs.

As well as the aforementioned offering by Pura, try out Burlington’s Flip Top Slotted Basin Waste that offers a great mix of style and operation and at £20.99 is perfect for overflow-equipped sinks.



 Pop-up basin wastes make use of a waste lever. You pull or push on the lever to raise or lower the stopper – it’s as simple as that.

One of our favourites is the Vado Vertical Standalone Basin Pop-Up Waste. A brass-constructed, chromed basin waste that has been specially designed for mounting into a spare tap hole. This is about as stylish as a basin waste can get – and at £59.99, doesn’t break the bank either!


Plug and Chain


This option doesn’t require too detailed an explanation, and is no doubt the type of basin waste with which you are most familiar.

The plug and chain has for centuries and remains to be a staple amongst entry-level bathrooms. Yet it is seeing a resurgence across many deluxe, modern set-ups thanks to its nostalgic appeal and ease of function.

One such plug and chain basin waste is the Slotted Basin Plug and Chain Waste by Burlington, who offer this wonderful chrome combination of tradition and trend for just £14.99.

Alternatively, supercharge your bathroom with the stylish Drench Plug and Chain Basin Waste for just £10.00.


Free Flow

If you go free flow, you are keeping your basin waste pipe permanently open. Simple, direct – enjoy powerfully simple draining with a free flow basin waste, perhaps the most user-friendly of all waste systems.

Try the Inox Brushed Stainless Steel Freeflow Basin Waste for all basins without an overflow. Its brushed finish remains gleaming under pressure of fingerprints and other general marks, while the stainless steel finish means zero corrosion and potent durability. Available now for £74.99 including a 15 year manufacturer guarantee.


Drench: #1 for Basin Wastes

There are many stylish basin waste options available in both slotted and unslotted designs.

We are proud to provide a wide range of designs and basin waste types via the Drench online store. Many of our mono basin mixers come with a free waste included or combinations carefully paired together by our team.

And we are also pleased to see ever-increasing numbers of DIY bathroom renovators – so stay tuned for more detailed articles covering vital skills such as how to fit or how to remove a basin waste, basin waste maintenance and more.

Using the wrong basin waste can be a costly mistake so thanks for checking out this article. At Drench, we always say there’s nothing wasteful in learning about basin wastes!


What Designs and Finishes Does Drench Recommend?

At Drench, we are big supporters of Crosswater with their MPRO range. These are always high on our list when it comes to recommending the best basin waste manufacturers, simply thanks to their build-quality and stunning range of finishes such as brushed brass and stainless steel.

We are also proud to present the equipment by Harbour, who provide some of the slickest black click clack wastes available.

Make sure you don’t overlook either of these manufacturers when considering “what basin waste is best for me?”


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