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Rectangular Enclosures

A rectangular shower enclosure is, hopefully, fairly self-explanatory on the surface. One side is longer than the other, making them well-suited for specific bathroom layouts. That said, there's many things to consider. Rectangular showers are available with a variety of glass thicknesses, from 4mm, 5mm and 6mm through to the more 'luxury' sizes of 8mm and even 10mm. Essentially, the thicker the glass, the more reassuringly heavy and sturdy the door feels, although that is not the whole story. You'll also want to consider the overall quality, and the length of guarantee. Sometimes you'll see features such as easy-clean glass, quick-release runners or bright polished chrome profiles. And profiles, for that matter, need not be chunky and overbearing. Nowadays there's many a frameless rectangular enclosure with a relatively small and inconspicuous frame supporting the weight of the glass, ensuring a simple, understated look.

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