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Cramer: Our Favourite Bathroom Cleaning Products

This week we have chosen to share with you our favourite bathroom cleaning products by German cleaning specialists, Cramer!

We know there are a thousand and one things you would rather be doing with your day than cleaning your bathroom but it is one chore that you may as well embrace for the sake of your home bathrooms. And when you must do something, you might as well do it right!


Introducing Cramer

Cramer is a German cleaning specialist in the arena of bathroom cleaning, and they produce a full range of bathroom cleaning goods – each with a specific purpose and each producing spectacular results.

Cramer hold environmental preservation in high regard and guarantee an eco-friendly composition in all of the cleaning products they make. You can use these biodegradable bathroom cleaning solutions in full confidence that you are doing your bit to preserve the planet.

And of course, as you would expect of any bathroom cleaner that Drench recommends, their non-abrasive nature means they will not in any way damage the valuable bathroom surfaces they are intended to renew.

We’ve been stocking Cramer cleaning products exclusively for a while now – sure, many other bathroom cleaning brands will do the job yet we couldn’t so confidently recommend any other cleaning brand when it comes to looking after Drench’s product range.

We also use their cleaning products right here in Drench HQ!


Cramer’s Cleaners

Ceramic & Enamel Excellence

Let’s kick things off with Cramer’s range of cleaners, starting with this Cramer Professional Ceramic & Enamel Bath Rubber Cleaner available for just £10.99.

Tap Magic

Next on our list of Cramer cleaning favourites is this Cramer Professional Tap Cleaner. This fantastic cleaner is 100% TUV quality certified, will set you back just £11.99, and can be confidently deployed to banish all limescale and other deposits from almost every tap finish out there.

The toughest stains do not stand a chance against this resilient tap cleaner, while it still protects the plating that gives your tap its signature shine.

If you are not sure whether your tap’s finish is suitable for this Cramer tap cleaner, just give us a shout here and we will have an answer for you.

Acrylic to Win It

Those with fancy acrylic bathroom components know just how hard it can be to keep your acrylic bathroom surfaces shining and new. You need be perplexed no longer with Cramer’s Professional Acrylic Cleaner for Daily Use.

This fantastic acrylic cleaner will remove all limescale, soap and dirt while keeping your acrylic looking fresh. It will also demolish nasty limescale, dirt and soap that builds up on stainless steel and chrome accessories.

An excellent and versatile acrylic bathroom cleaner that will put you back just £14.99 – don’t just take our word for it, try it yourself!

Shower Power

Shower panels can be infuriating to properly clean, so it is no surprise that this Cramer Professional Shower Glass Cleaner is one of our most popular products by the German bathroom cleaning specialists. You can use this wonderful solution on coated or uncoated glass alike, and as often as you like!

Rid your shower glass of those persistent water marks, as well as mould and other build-ups, keeping your shower setup gleaming new, and all with minimal effort!

Make Mirrors Shimmer

Similar to those pesky glass shower panels, bathroom mirrors can be tough to clean to the point of a satisfying gleam. But that is no longer the case with Cramer Professional Mirror Foam for Mirrored Surfaces and Uncoated Shower Glass.

This bathroom mirror cleaner does exactly what it says on the tin and then some, providing a shockingly good clean as well as delivering an anti-corrosive coating and beautiful, long-lasting shine that bounces light around the bathroom brilliantly.

Chrome or silver coated, uncoated or toughened safety glass – this wonderfully fragrant cleaner does not differentiate in its quest for streak-free mirror cleaning excellence. Plus it can be used on metal, synthetics and upholstery. Marvellous, all for just £9.98!

Now, if that range of bathroom cleaners hasn’t whetted your appetite for Cramer then hold tight a we are about to dip into Cramer’s acclaimed range of polishers.

Chrome Zone

We all love a chrome bathroom accessory but they can so easily be held back by grubby fingerprints and unattractive water marks. Cramer’s Professional Chrom-Star Chrome Polish puts an end to all this and masterfully so, dealing with heavily stained and rust marked surfaces like they’re nothing.

This market-leading chrome bathroom polish is the only product you need to keep your chrome taps, chrome shower heads, chrome shower valves and other lovely chrome bathroom components looking brand spanking new. And it’s just £13.99!

However, there are sometimes scratches, chips and other damage that even Cramer’s excellent polishers cannot rid you of. For those occurrences, they bring out the big guns…

Damage Control

Prepare yourself and your bathroom for the worst of knocks with Cramer’s Professional Scratch & Chip Repair Kit for Ceramic, Enamel and Acrylic in Alpine White.

For just £26.99, this excellent bathroom chip kit can cover up all minor damages like scratches, chips, gouges and more to your ceramic, enamel and acrylic baths, basins and kitchen sinks. And all the repairs you do with this Cramer Scratch Kit are resistant up to 60°c, too.

It’s fully TUV certified, incredibly easy to use and delivers professional results – we bet the plumber you were going to call always carries a tube of it around!

The Fame of Cramer

It is not hard to see why we, like so many other private and trade bathroom specialists, will refuse to use any other cleaner than Cramer.

From their environmental ethos with full biodegradability to their pleasantly scented mixes and wonderful range of specialist solutions, they have an attentive approach and simple presentation that embodies their trustworthiness wonderfully.

Acid-free, solvent-free, eco-friendly, excellent value – the list of Cramer’s provision goes on and on so we don’t have to! They really are a perfect representation of German efficiency and we can’t get enough!


Here to Help!

Cramer is the only name on our mind when it comes to recommending bathroom cleaning products.

If you would like to know more about any item in the Cramer cleaning range or would simply like friendly, free advice on anything in the world of home bathrooms, just reach out to us here.

Our sales and customer service team love to chat and cannot wait to hear from you!


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