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Report Reveals the Bathroom Trends Predicted to be Big in 2021

Every New Year dawns the opportunity for a refresh, especially when it comes to the home. However, if you don't fancy renovating the whole house, but are still after a change, it may be worth finally getting around to your bathroom...

Not only is this functional room used day-in day-out by all members of the household, but it’s also the place where you can relax and rest after a long day. Quite simply, a refreshed bathroom can make a big difference to your home and your mood. 

So, to give you some interior inspiration for this possible project, have monitored their own searches and sales data observing for rises, in order to unveil their top bathroom trend predictions for 2021. 

In addition, they also surveyed Brits about the bathroom improvements that they plan on tackling in 2021 - revealing where the nation’s true gripes of the bathroom are. 

Read on to discover what they found.

Top 6 Trend Predictions for the Bathroom in 2021 analysed searches and sales on site over the past year, to uncover the latest trends in 2021, these are the results: 

  1. Marble - 366% increase
  2. Wood Features – 197% increase
  3. Eco-Friendly - 189% increase
  4. Black Details – 123% increase
  5. Brass Elements - 120% increase
  6. Industrial Trends - 58% increase

Trend #1: Marble Features are Having a Moment

With Brits spending more time than ever in their houses in 2020, it should come as no surprise that they want to make certain aspects of their home luxurious in 2021. For example, we’ve seen sales of marble features increase by a staggering 366% throughout 2020. 

Marble is a beautiful element that fits most bathroom styles: modern, classic, traditional, you name it. With its extreme versatility, it could be why it’s set to be the top trend for 2021. 

Dominic Lees-Bell, Interior Design Specialist at Drench, says: “After spending so much time inside this year, it’s no wonder Brits want to make their home a haven. So, we do expect in 2021 Brits will be making their home luxurious as possible, with marble in the bathroom being the perfect antidote. You could go super sleek with marble and opt for a monochrome look. Or why not try making a statement with gold details that perfectly harmonise with neutral marble?"

Trend #2 Brits are Bringing the Outdoors In to Relax More

Whilst 2020 was largely spent indoors for many Brits, it appears that this has had an effect on Brits interior choices in the bathroom. Quite simply, Brits are seeking to bring the outdoors in wherever possible. 

For example, we have seen sales of natural wood elements rise an astonishing 197% throughout 2020 , indicating that this could be the second biggest trend for 2021. 

What’s more, neutral tones, such as wood, are perfect for enhancing your wellbeing and creating a spa-like feel in the bathroom. Plus, if 2020 has taught us anything - it’s the importance of self-care and rest. 

However, the natural feature that has seen the most increase in sales is the Harbour wall hung vanity in a stunning muted Bardolino driftwood oak. This item has amassed 600% more sales, compared to last year. Vanity units in a gorgeous graphite oak appear to be a huge trend too, with sales growing by 200%. 

Though, it’s not just wood elements Brits are embracing to achieve a natural look. Sales for waterfall taps have risen 77% since the past year, which add to the natural bathroom décor. Dominic Lees Bell also recommends, “pairing the outdoorsy look with luscious greenery to be right on trend - snake and ivy plants are great for the bathroom,” says Dominic Lees-Bell.

Trend #3: Eco-friendly Toilets Are Making a Splash with Trendsetters

Sales for rimless toilets and dual flush plates are soaring, with a combined 189% rise since last year - suggesting eco-friendly décor is set to dominate as a bathroom trend. 

The beauty of rimless toilets is that not only do they look chic but they use significantly less water than traditional toilets. Rimless toilets directly shoot water across the bowl, efficiently cleaning and clearing. Whereas rimmed toilets use more water as they fill the whole bowl to clear. This could explain why the sleek rimless counterpart has witnessed a 171% surge in sales over the past year. 

Dual flush plates are a superb addition to any bathroom, too. Plus, you don’t need to be an eco-warrior to enjoy a modern flush design as these plates will save you money on your water bill, making them both eco and cost-friendly. 

But, why are sustainable items trending? As individuals, we’re under pressure to live an eco-friendly lifestyle, and it doesn’t stop at our choices in the bathroom. One of the positives of  2020 is that we have witnessed air pollution levels drop - highlighting the importance of protecting the planet. Carrying out eco-friendly practices in 2021 could only benefit the planet further.

Trend #4: Black Features Aren’t Taking a Back Seat Anytime Soon 

Despite black bathroom features being a trend that emerged a few years ago, they still prove to be popular. You have Instagram and Pinterest to thank for that - black accessories are often found in the most popular bathroom posts. 

Black is a timeless colour that pairs well with most colours and styles, so it’s not so surprising that black accessories and fixtures have seen a 123% growth in sales for us in 2020. 

To bring this trend into the New Year, Dominic Lees-Bell says, “we are particularly loving black fixtures against one of the top bathroom colours for 2021 - pink. But, even if you don’t want to be as daring with such a romantic colour, black really does work well with most colours, and can give that instant flair to your interiors.”

Trend #5: Get Glam with Brass Bathroom Details 

While black fixtures appear to be a continuing trend, brass could be an even bigger trend in the new year. Sales for brass elements have increased a huge 120% over the past year. Brass immediately adds warmth to often cold bathrooms. This is why brass perfectly offsets against industrial concrete - the 6th bathroom trend. Or you can make the number one trend, marble, even more exquisite by accenting with brass details. 

The most popular brass item in 2021 appears to be brushed brass showers, with this item seeing a 160% increase in searches on site. A brass shower is sure to make a statement, and there’s plenty of gorgeous colour tiles you could pair this with. Dark blue tiles with brass is a timeless colour scheme, or go for a more moody look with grey slate.  

Radiators are something you may not think about when upgrading your bathroom. But, in 2021, it appears Brits are pulling out all the stops. Searches on the website for brass radiators have grown a huge 1,100% in the past year, proving even your heating can be glam.

Trend #6: Industrial Design is on the Increase 

The industrial bathroom trend prevails as the 6th biggest trend in 2021. The term ‘industrial’ garnered a 58% rise in searches over the past year on our site - proving that the industrial trend can be a perfect fit for any home. 

What’s more, Kim Kardashian is a big fan of this trend. In 2020, she showed off her stunning minimalist industrial bathroom on Instagram which gained a lot of traction online. 

You may think the bathroom needs to look like a construction site to achieve this look, but as Kim Kardashian has proved - that’s absolutely not the case. 

Dominic Lees-Bell states: “We expect to see concrete to be a huge trend that fits right into the industrial aesthetic. Industrial taps are an excellent way to get an instantly cool look. They are right on trend too, with a massive 400% increase in searches on our site. Or you could team concrete vanity units against a backdrop of a crisp white wall.”

Four Bathroom Colours Predicted to be Big in 2021

We also analysed searches on site over the past year, to uncover the biggest bathroom colours in 2021, these are the results: 

  1. Blue (95% increase)
  2. Pink (79% increase)
  3. Green (20% increase)
  4. Grey (11% increase)

Feeling Blue: This Bathroom Colour Has Seen an 95% Rise 

We have witnessed a 95% rise in searches for the term ‘blue’, suggesting this colour could be huge in bathroom décor. However, it’s not just any blue Brits are seeking. To be really on trend for 2021, opt for dark and navy blues. 

Dominic Lees-Bell says: “Dark blues look instantly modern. What’s great is that this colour is perfect against white features, which are often found in the bathroom. We particularly love navy-blue furnishings with Scintilla tiles for a on-the-trend style.”

Think Pink: Colour is Set to be a Big Bathroom Focus in 2021

Expect to see Brits moving away from monochrome bathrooms in 2021 as the new year will bring colourful bathrooms to the mix, such as pink. Searches on site for this playful colour have increased a staggering 79% since last year. 

While you may be imagining a barbie pink bathroom, it absolutely doesn’t need to be as loud. Softer tones, such as blush and clay-pink look stunning in the bathroom. For a really colourful decor, mint green or blue complement pink beautifully. Or, you could tone it down with grey and matt black fixtures.

Revealed: The Bathroom Renovations Brits Plan on Tackling in 2021

We surveyed Brits to reveal what Brits are tackling in their bathrooms, uncover the top bathroom improvements below:


Apparently, making the bathroom more modern takes top priority during renovations. Almost half (47%) of Brits are making their bathroom modern. 

Interestingly, in second place, Brits are upgrading their bath / separating it from the shower, with almost 1 in 4 (24%) confessing to this. Not only that, but a staggering 17% of Brits said they are increasing the shower size in bathroom renovations. 

This goes hand in hand with searches on the Drench website. There’s been a whopping 170% increase for the search term, ‘walk in showers’ over the past year. 

Surprisingly, our survey has revealed just 19% of Brits are choosing to improve the functionality of their bathroom, making this the third improvement. Suggesting Brits are opting for style over function.

Lighting in the bathroom seems simple, right? Well, a wrongly placed light over a mirror, can cast shadows on your face and obscure your reflection. Then, there’s the question if you want the lights to be bright, or soft. With this in mind, it’s not so surprising a whopping 15% of Brits admitted to improving lightning during the revamp.

You can never have enough storage it seems. 14% of Brits are looking for somewhere to store all their lotions and potions by increasing storage space.

Modern Bathroom Dominates as Top Style, According to Brits

Well, now we know the top trends emerging in 2021, along with what Brits are changing to their bathrooms. But, what styles are Brits opting for in the bathroom?

The sleek bathroom fittings and fixtures are here to stay, with nearly half (48%) of Brits admitting to changing their bathroom to modern. 

Intriguingly, the opposite of a modern bathroom is a traditional one, which is the second biggest bathroom style. 16% of Brits said they’re choosing a gorgeous traditional style. Traditional furniture is great for achieving this look, alongside freestanding baths

Similarly, 13% of Brits are choosing a modern vintage look in their bathroom. This is a stunning style that beautifully mixes old with new bathroom ideas. 

Scandinavian bathrooms are gorgeously chic - utilising the white space and accenting with black and wood. 1 in 10 (10%) Brits are going for this style in their new bathroom.  

An eclectic bathroom is absolutely not for everyone with its often, patterned wallpapers or floors, mixing with bright colours. It’s a daringly stylish look that just 7% of Brits are favouring.

Last but not least, we have the country bathroom style. Think stunning wood panelling with cast iron baths. 6% of Brits are picking this bathroom look.  So, will you be emulating any of these bathroom trends in 2021? Check out our bathroom ideas hub for more interior inspiration.

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