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Concealed Valves

The concealed shower valve is probably our most popular type of shower control. Rather than an ugly white plastic box, with a concealed valve you see only the control plate, which tends to be a chrome-plated rectangle with several handles for operating your shower heads, riser rails, bodyjets, bath overflow fillers and so on. More often than not they are thermostatically controlled, which means they safely ensure an even temperature even if other taps are turned on in the house.

Also known as recessed shower valves, they can control either a single outlet with a handle for temperature, and a handle for water flow (often referred to as 'twin' valves); as well as multi-outlet shower valves that can control several different outlets all from the same place.

You'll want to make sure you choose the right valve for your bathroom. You'll see valves with 3 handles, sometimes referred to as a triple valve. It's important to check the number of outlets (shown in the item specification) to make sure you know what you're getting. Triple valves usually control 2 outlets, with the 'triple' part referring to the number of handles rather than the number of outlets they control. To confuse you further, triple valves with a diverter can control 3, and sometimes even 4 different things. If you're at all stuck, just ask - we're always more than happy to advise and make suggestions.

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