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Manual Shower Valves

A manual shower mixer valve can be used to control either one outlet, or two if a diverter is present. Manual shower valves are very simple to use and most of them boast a minimalist design, subtly adding to your bathroom design. They are not thermostatic so you can’t guarantee as precise a temperature as you might achieve with different valves but they are available as a cheaper alternative, and some people prefer the idea of manually setting their shower temperature!

However, you have young children, or there will be other people turning taps or showers on elsewhere in the property whilst you are showering, it might be a better option to choose a thermostatically-controlled shower for peace-of-mind.

All of our concealed manual shower mixer valves are crafted from solid brass material and finished in a luxury polished chrome, creating a super modern effect and making these valves suitable for almost any bathroom. At Drench all of our manual shower valves are provided from top quality brands such as Crosswater, Pura and Vado, ensuring you of a reliable product.

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