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Shower Valves & Controls

Many people may think that a shower valves and controls all do the same thing, turn a shower on and off, these people couldn’t be more wrong!

Choosing between an exposed shower valve and a concealed valve can completely change the style of your bathroom. A thermostatic valve can change your showering experience, making your shower flow and temperature much more precise and consistent. A manual shower mixer valve boasts a minimalist design and are very simply to use. Shower diverter valves switch the flow of water from one outlet to another. You can choose concealed thermostatic shower mixer valves, an exposed manual shower valve; the choices are almost endless.

As you can see there are many subtle differences between the types of shower valves. For a greater insight into the functions of these valves, you can find all of the information within their individual category pages.

The majority of our shower valves and controls are crafted from solid brass material, finished in a luxurious polished chrome, and supplied by leading brands such as Crosswater, Just Taps and Vado.

Choosing the perfect shower valve for your bathroom is a tough task, especially when there’s way over three hundred products to choose from. In order to make this decision easier, narrow down your search based on aspects such as brand, price, style, shape etc. through our refine feature on the left hand side of the page!

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