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Cleaning Your Toilet Made Easy with Nanoglaze Coating

Nanoglaze is a useful innovation designed to keep your new sanitary ware looking cleaner for longer and helping it to retain the bright white look all new porcelain products have.

This technology has been around for a while, with the likes of luxury brand Villeroy & Boch utilising a similar coating under the name 'Ceramic Plus'. Whilst previously this was prohibitively expensive for many customers (a Villeroy & Boch Ceramic Plus toilet typically costs upwards of £500), a Britton or Burlington toilet with Nanoglaze coating on the bowl will set you back £200-£300.

Burlington have also extended the use of Nanoglaze to their Classic basin range, giving them the same easy-to-clean properties as the matching toilets. Nanoglaze comes as standard on all toilets and Classic basins from Burlington, as well as the ultra-stylish modern WCs from Britton.

Without getting too tediously technical, Nanoglaze is an anti-bacterial coating applied to the glaze during the production process. It closes up the tiny microscopic pores in the ceramic and makes it harder for dirt and grime to take hold. A quick wipe leaves the ceramic sparkling and free from dirt and bacteria. You will use less harmful and environmentally-damaging chemicals to clean your toilet bowl, saving you money in the process.

A wide range of Britton and Burlington sanitary ware are available to buy online at Drench.

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